Since Bugatti’s latest car model Veyron went on sale in 2005, the French carmaker unveiled its new high-performance supercar on Monday. Bugatti unveiled the $2.6 million supercar on Monday at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new model Chiron is the most powerful and most exclusive production super sports car in the world according to the company. In fact, the new model is the company’s opportunity to improve its previous model, the record-breaking Bugatti Veyron.

The supercar will be difficult for billionaires to resist as the Bugatti Chiron features an 8.0-liter and a quad-turbo W16 engine capable of producing 1,500 HP and will be able to reach speeds up to 261 miles per hour. Photo: Digital Trends

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded the Veyron 16.4 Super Sports model that was introduced 11 years ago, as the world’s fastest production car in 2013. Although the French car maker company went on an 11-year ‘break’, the new Chiron is sure to continue Bugatti’s legacy with the same high-performance standards, if not higher.

Though Bugatti is only going to produce 500 of the innovative driving machines, more than a third of the Chiron models are already sold to premium customers. The insanely futuristic-like supercar comes mated to a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. This innovative feature will allow drivers to choose between five drive models, including Lift, Autobahn, Handling, Top Speed and the default standard EB.

Bugatti’s strive to perfection

As technology development and innovation continues to influence the world, Bugatti has taken these novelty features in order to guide customers to the next generation driving. And the technology placed into Bugatti’s newly revealed supercar Chiron assures the customer’s satisfaction as it counts with 300 HP more than the record-setting Veyron.

While the accelerations timings are still unknown to the public, the Chiron’s top speed is rated at 420kmph and it’s presumed to cross the 100kmph barrier in less than 2.5 seconds. So it appears that the Bugatti, which is owned by Volkswagen, is taking a leap forward in supercar innovation as it’s determined to break its own world record.

Getting back to the car’s new features, the engine placed inside the Chiron counts with two turbo turbines in series fed by eight cylinders. A radical change made in comparison to the Veyron’s system that has four cylinders feeding exhaust into one turbo engine. In order to achieve a 25 percent power increase to the supercar, new turbochargers and a new inter-cooling system were developed by Bugatti engineers.

The new model unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show will sure give people what to talk about in 2016 as the supercar has not only many other technological breakthroughs but also a luxurious design for privileged buyers.

Source: CNN