Amazon teams up with Brita, the international giant of water optimization, to create a brand new water pitcher that, with a Wi-Fi connection, will automatically re-order new water filters thanks to Amazon’s dash replenishment system. Brita’s water pitcher is now between the household items that have an internet connection.

On February 29 Amazon announced  its expansion to the water and filtering market. Teaming up with Brita to create The Infinity, the new smart water pitcher.

Brita’s smart water pitcher orders its filters from Amazon. Credit: Engadget

For $45, The Infinity Smart Water Pitcher will measure the amount of water passing through its filter. When the old filter nears its capacity- around two months of daily use- the Smart Pitcher will use Amazon’s Dash Replenishment System and order a brand new filter automatically. When the new filter arrives the customer will just need to return the old one and place the new filter in the Infinity.

When the customers acquire the Smart Pitcher, they will need to register it on Brita’s website, and then enable the Wi-Fi connection to sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment, to work correctly.The Pitch holds about eight cups of water and comes in black.

The Pitcher is similar to Amazon’s previous smart printers that automatically reorder supplies when the inventory is running low.  The company  has also  partnered with  General Electric to create washing machines that detect when they are out of detergent, and purchase more online. The company also is teaming up to create new technology with companies such as, August, Oster, Petnet, Sealed Air and Whirlpool. They will soon offer pet food dispensers, coffee machines, between other products.

Amazon’s Dash Replenishment according to the e- commerce company, is all about the customer. Making the running out of supplies a no go, and indicates Amazon’s plan to stay on the top of mind of customers, when it comes to online shopping and acquiring.

Source: Time