Following the investigation on suspect Seif Eddin Mustafa for allegedly hijacking an Egypt Air commercial flight, his ex-wife has released strong comments about her former husband. Seif is facing serious investigations as he’s being charged with illegal possession of explosives, abduction of the passengers and of course, hijacking a plane.

Authorities, however, are still trying to determine the reasons for Seif Mustafa to hijack a plane from Cyprus, Alexandria to Cairo. Some allegations stating the man had hijacked the plane in order to see his family, were quickly ruled out when Mustafa’s ex-wife spoke out the truth on a news release. The officials that took Mustafa into custody after a seven-hour standoff on Tuesday claim the suspect said he hijacked the plane simply because he wanted to see his family.

Allegations stating that Seif Eddin Mustafa hijacked an Egypt Air commercial flight in order to see his family, were quickly ruled out by Mustafa’s ex-wife. Credit: IB Times

His ex-wife was identified as Marina Paraschou and described Mustafa as an abusive husband and a dangerous man. Even though Mustafa was able to hijack an Egypt Air and even threatened the passengers claiming he would blow up his explosive charges, all passengers on board the Airbus A320 were released without any casualties.

Officials found that Mustafa’s explosives were actually fake, a bold move for someone trying to kidnap over 70 passengers and a plane. Amazingly enough for Mustafa, he claims hijacking a plane to Cairo was the only way for him to see his family again because he’s banned from entering the country. According to a police prosecutor following his court hearing on Wednesday, Mustafa blames the Egyptian government for not letting him see his family for 24 years.

A criminal romance

Even though this could sound like a romantic story, Mustafa’s wife says the notion of romance could not be farther from the truth. Paraschou, the former wife of Seif, also describes him as a drug user who not only terrorized his family but was also aggressive towards her and their children.

It’s worth noticing that Seif Eddin Mustafa has an interesting criminal history, as Paraschou got him deported to Egypt many years ago on the count of domestic violence charges. It looks like stormy days ahead for Mustafa’s court hearing due to all evidence provided by his wife, disproving his allegations claiming he did it for his family.

Even worse, his criminal record dates back to almost 30 years ago, said Cyprus Police. Paraschou doesn’t describe Mustafa as a dangerous man only because he was abusive towards her; she claims his ex-husband is an enthusiastic Palestine Liberation Organization supporter.

According to Mustafa’s ex-wife, he was no stranger to blowing his own horn by claiming he had killed three soldiers from Israel. Thankfully for Paraschou, her family, and the passengers of the Egypt Air flight, Mustafa will see his day in court and will receive a suitable verdict for his actions.

Source: Fox News