San Francisco, California – The Microsoft Build 2016 conference held in San Francisco on Thursday gave driving enthusiasts much to talk about with the unveiling of BMW Connect. The BMW Connect provides drivers with a personal companion developed by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Azure Cloud.

The automaker company giant intends to get in line with technological advances as BMW starts to create cars with state of the art technology as well as a built-in intelligent structure. The new app unveiled at the Build conference is designed for drivers of the latest car models from the German automaker to have a better driving experience.

The BMW Connect provides drivers with a personal companion developed by Microsoft Azure Cloud. Credit: USA Today

The new app powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud provides BMW drivers new features developed to stay connected to the car while enhancing the car’s ability to help the driver. For instance, by using the new app on the user’s smartphone or Apple Watch, drivers can be notified if there’s much traffic on their way to work. As vehicles are starting to get more technological, including features made around the driver’s performance, comfort is an ideal target for companies to take advantage of.

The latest BMW offers the driver a complete sense of companion, as the car is able to greet its owner by name as the driver steps in the car. According to the BMW’s director of partner and product marketing Randy Cavaiani, the new release is focused on the driver’s safety as well as providing a more personal experience to customers.

Customization is key for future driving experience

Now that Microsoft and BMW have joined forces in order to develop a car that can effectively interact with its user, there’s no telling what other amazing uses can be escalated from this. Among the unique trait of the app developed by BMW that runs on Azure’s cloud, there’s a complete syncing of the car’s electronic gadgets, including door locks, lights and more.

There’s no doubt that BMW has set the creation of new-generation cars as one of the main goals for this year, as it hasn’t shown signs that would mean otherwise. The concept of an intelligent car doesn’t just stop on what the car can do for the driver; it means what the driver can delegate on the car to do, with total confidence.

That appears to be the goal of the newly released BMW Connected feature powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Now, thanks to the conjoint work from both companies, the BMW counts with insight on common threats such as pedestrians or bumps, while it also has the analytical tools to determine the fastest route.

Moreover, the cars of the future might already be among society, as BMW has once again raised the bar when it comes to improving the driver’s experience. Nevertheless, the German automaker company giant also announced that new updates will continue to be available as further features will be release along this upcoming year.

Source: Engadget