Virtual reality is everywhere at the E3. The generation of gamers that was first caught by 2-D scrollers such as Mario, can rejoice as they yet enter a new era in the gaming industry. It started as Google’s cardboard and since then, the success has been unstoppable. Developers for the most powerful consoles in the world have been working hard to adapt this technology into their catalog, and since the E3 is full of VR, it would be safe to say they made it. But, of course, there is more.

In the last console generation, Sony won the specs war. The Japanese company has the most powerful home playing system at the moment, but Microsoft just won’t have it. Mr. Gate’s company announced Project Scorpio, which could be seen as a super console. The staff at Microsoft’s press conference boasted six teraflops of processing power which 40% more than the PlayStation Neo, the new toy that is being developed by Sony.

E3 2016
This year’s E3 is full of Virtual Reality. Credit: ESA Entertainment Software Association

But, the American company does not stop there. They announced a new  Xbox One, which is 40% smaller and will hit the shelves at $299. Moreover, the company wants to gather their gaming community under one roof. For years, console gamers and the PC master race have been debating which is better, but that won’t be necessary anymore. “Play it anywhere” is a project that allows Xbox live customers to purchase a game digitally, and then, play it anywhere from an X-Box to any computer operating Windows 10 IOS.

It is all about the games

Technology is cool. However, it is really all about the games. Better consoles are supposed to give developers more tools to work on enjoyable stories. There are several developers in the market, and only the best got to have a whole press conference at the gaming extravaganza. Electronic Arts took the initiative and blew their fans’ heads.

Sheppard was, is and will always be Normandy’s rightful commander, but his story ended with the Reaper threat. The new Mass Effect Andromeda will put the player in charge of a human crew that left the Milky Way to search for a new home in Andromeda. There isn’t a lot of information here, but they showed an Asari, and what seemed like a Krogan and a Turian. By the way, the MAKO is back.

FIFA 17 was titled “Journey” and it seems the player will be able to live the dream of struggling to become a professional soccer player. Fe is an adventure game where the player controls a creature that moves in a vast universe where every living thing communicates through a unique and beautiful “musical” rhythm. The objective of the game is to connect the main character with the environment and discover its true identity.

In the war department, there is Titanfall 2 which is the futuristic warfare game the company is setting against other shooters of the same genre. Lastly, but not least, EA revealed a new Battlefield 1 trailer. This game is expected to have no competition whatsoever. The developing team seems to have taken into consideration every little weapon used in the first global conflict including zeppelins, crazy mono engine planes and more, much more. EA has kind of a bad reputation for marketing decisions in the past, but without a doubt, its conference was one of the best.

About first-person shooters

The guys from Bethesda are the kind of people that don’t like to be left behind, and they brought their big guns to the E3, literally. Quake is back, the futuristic first-person shooter that became very famous back in the day, a little before Counter-Strike took over the scene, was given another title called Champions. They also announced a special edition of Skyrim with new content and prettier looks for every console, a great opportunity for people that haven’t tried this epic adventure. There is news for Fallout 4. A new DLC is coming soon altogether with a PC version of the “mini” game, Fallout shelter. The company also announced the inclusion of VR to the franchise.

There are great news for the people who like the idea of literally facing an interdimensional demonic horde of demons with way too big guns; Doom is going VR. The company said there was a new premium DLC on the oven. They also hope to lure more players to the famous shooter by letting them play the first level of the game for free on any console or computer.

Bethesda is betting real hard on first-person action games. A new Prey trailer was announced but is not a sequel. It is some sort of spin-off.

The company also revealed Dishonored 2, and it will be set 50 years after the original story.

Sony forms part of the best exponents at the conference

A couple of visual adventures that look very attractive were announced by the Japanese; Bound and Pyre. Of course, there is Battlefront, and it comes with the title “X-wing VR mission” which looks just incredible, and Arkham joins the VR party. But the fans went wild when Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, entered the stage and said: “Hello, I’m Back.” The iconic man introduced his new project, Death Stranding, a surreal new game where apparently, The Walking Dead’s Daryl, will be the main character.

The lights went off, and the attention was focused on the screen. Heavy footsteps filled the air and then an intimidating man with a very familiar tattoo pattern appeared, “I am home Lilly.” Kratos is back and according to the trailer, he is going to sport a new old man’s beard in the new God of War game. A new Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer was also announced which showed the red-headed huntress dealing with robotic versions of prehistoric creatures.

Also, there are new Farpoint, Days Gone, and Resident Evil trailers. The company seemed to have returned to its roots with the latter. Titled Biohazard, the new RE title appears to be a survival horror game that puts the player behind a normal person surviving an apocalypse.

The Nintendo press conference is one of the most expected and it’s going to be on later today.

Source: E3