The Electronics Entertainment Expo, E3, is almost here. It’s due to start on June 12, and it will finish on June 14. But apparently, the guys at Electronic Arts are as impatient as the gaming community because they are hosting a live stream conference today. This is great news because the company has many titles under its belt, and everybody wants to know more about them. People will be able to watch the conference on this evening.

EA confirmed they are going to talk about some games that have gone viral since their announcements, and Battlefield 1 is one of these titles. For years, three game franchises have been fighting for the number one spot in the first shooter genre. They are Call of Duty, DreamWorks Interactive’s Medal of Honor, and EA’s Battlefield. These games are military shooters, most of them started with the WWII conflict. However, in modern days, these series got futuristic by letting gamers get into the role of soldiers using high-end tech which is great, but somehow, it got too far from the original shooter concept.

E3 live stream conference
Anyone will be able to enjoy the E3 conference through Twitch this evening. Credit:

On May 6, 2016, EA launched Battlefield 1 trailer, and the hype was real as the game puts the player on a unique old-school scenario, WWI. Days after the game was revealed, the gaming community declared Battlefield the champion of the first shooter genre, and today, the company is going to give details on this fantastic series. Since the releasing video was declared the “trailer of the year,” people are expecting a lot.

Sheppard is not going to be on the Next Mass Effect

The company is expected to address Titanfall 2 which is a futuristic shooter, and the very famous FIFA (17). Star Wars: Battlefront was kind of a letdown, but EA announced a DLC, which could make people give it a second chance. The game developer was first famous for sports games such as Madden, and racing games like Need For Speed, so it would be safe to say there is going to be a lot of that.

There is a game series that hooked legions of players, Mass Effect. The game is considered to be one of the best in the RPG-shooter genre, and people just can’t get enough. However, EA got a lot of heat because of this series. Initially thought to be a five-game franchise, it was cut to only three titles complemented by DLCs. The end of the game was heavily criticized, and the company released a DLC to explain it. The “expansion” confirmed a couple of things, gave details on some characters, but most importantly, showed that Sheppard Commander survived the last battle against the Reapers.

Last year, the company released a trailer called, Mass Effect: Andromeda and fans went nuts. Besides a couple of videos and the comments of the developers, there are no details on what is coming with Andromeda. But there are three established things, the game is set long after the Reaper conflict, it is not a sequel, and Shepard is not going to be in it. Who is the main character? Where is it going to take place? Is it in the same galaxy? This and more could be revealed at EA’s press conference later today.

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