A mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, carried on by Omar Mir Seddique Mateen resulted in 50 dead, becoming the worst mass-murdering incident since 9/11.

Afghan-descent Mateen died after a shootout with SWAT forces at the proximity of Pulse, a gay nightclub in South Orange district. He had no criminal history. His father argues that religious extremism was not a factor in the crime.

Orlando shooting
At least 50 people died on Saturday night as a result of a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Credit: Telegraph UK

According to Mateen’s father, Omar “got really angry when he saw two men kissing in downtown Miami a couple of months ago.”

The worst mass shooting in the U.S. 

Initially, authorities counted 20 victims, but later, Mayor Buddy Dyer stated that there were 50 casualties and 53 wounded.

Pulse, the largest gay nightclub in Orlando, is known for hosting theme nights. The venue was celebrating a Latin Night as it hosted at least 300 people in its structure. Around 2:20 a.m., Mateen opened fire. The venue’s Facebook page posted the message, “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running.”

People responded to the message and tried to locate their family members and acquaintances, trying to make sure they were safe either hiding or having escaped from the club.

Mateen took hostages, and many managed to escape from the back exit. Others hid in the dressing rooms as the shooter confronted police. SWAT forces eventually stormed the location. At 5 a.m. they used a controlled explosion to make their way into the nightclub and take down the killer. It appears that Mateen had “an assault-type weapon, a handgun and some type of device on him,” according to Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

The victims have not been fully identified, but politicians did not wait to post their responses on their social networks.

Mateen’s father statements allow for a psychological profile to be drafted for the man. Reportedly, Mateen had links to security officials, and he had a degree in criminal justice as he worked in the security area. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen also had a three-year-old baby boy. Authorities are investigating Mateen’s travels, influences, and its most recent acquaintances.

They still do not reveal whether it was an act of domestic terrorism and if any people were killed in the shootout. Also, many are asking why and how Mateen managed to enter the nightclub with such an arsenal. Mateen was a Muslim and a registered Democrat.

The development of the horrific events can be followed on Pulse’s Facebook page. The latest posts are teeming with condolences and comments of people trying to locate their loved ones. The post reading “Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running” reached 6,900 shares and 15,700 likes in an effort to reach anyone who might be worried about one of Pulse’s attendants.

“Shooter opened fire @ around 2:00am. People on the dance floor and bar got down on the floor and some of us who were near the bar and back exit managed to go out through the outdoor area and just ran. I am safely home and hoping everyone gets home safely as well :(,“ Ricardo J. Negron Almodovar commented.

Mayor Buddy Dyer has called for a state of emergency while a state of emergency has been issued for the city of Orlando.

Source: CBS