According to The Verge, Facebook Inc (FB) will remove all user’s auto synced photos from their phones if they do not move these photos to a new app called Moments that attempts to rescue old photos from user’s camera roll.

Facebook is making users download Moments app
Facebook will remove all user’s auto synced photos from their phones if they do not move these photos to a new app called Moments. Credit: Brunch News

“People who use photo syncing will have the option to move the photos they’ve previously synced to our new app Moments, where they will be able to view, download, or delete them,” Facebook stated.

Facebook’s photo syncing feature will no longer exist

Since people would take pictures on their phones, but still upload them primarily from computers on Facebook, a photo syncing feature was launched in 2012 as a way for people to have the option to automatically upload photos from a phone’s local camera to roll a private album on Facebook. With this feature, people would have their phone photos saved, and if they wanted to post them, they could easily share them and tap people on Facebook.

Now, the company has decided to remove this feature and to push users to move their photos to Moments. If users do not do that, by the end of July, their photos will be deleted. However, Facebook said that for those users who do not want to download Moments, they would have the chance to download their pictures in a zip file. This only applies to people who used the syncing photo feature. This is not the first time Facebook push people to download new apps. Three years ago, Facebook removed Messenger from the core Facebook app.

Moments is the app to save all your old pictures

Facebook says Memories app will help people finally share and save all their photos from weddings and birthday parties that have been forgotten in their phones camera rolls. This new app will organize your photos according to the date they were taken and people who are in them, so users will see these pictures organized by events.

People have until July 7 to download Moments or to save them to a zip file. Otherwise, Facebook will remove them.

“If you want to keep your [number] photos, download moments and log in before July 7. If you don’t want Moments, you can also download these photos directly to your computer from your Facebook profile. Otherwise, they’ll be deleted. This won’t affect photos or videos you shared on Facebook,” reads Facebook’s email, as reported by TechCrunch.

Source: The Verge