Dropshipping is a trending business model that refers to the process of selling your products without having to worry about the logistics of where to keep your stocks and how to send it to your customers. This retail fulfillment technique rose to popularity due to the emergence of e-commerce sites that offer such service. Learn more here about how this type of trade can earn you money journalreview.org.

If you’ve already set up a dropshipping business, you know that one significant benefit of this model is that you can launch an online store without investing in a substantial capital. Not having to find a warehouse, pack the orders, track inventory, and manage returns allows you to focus on other essential facets of the business such as marketing.

Promote Business on Instagram

Instagram is a favorite social networking site by younger consumers aged 18 to 25 years old. If your target audience is that age group, here are some tips on how to promote your store on this photo- and video-sharing platform:

1. Start with Your Goals in Mind

Set up your official Instagram profile the right way by uploading your logo as a profile photo. This way, you establish legitimacy and inform your consumers that they can reach you through that particular account.

Your logo is the best way for your customers to recognize your brand. Another significant factor to consider when signing up is the account name. Stick to using your company name if it’s still available.

2. Post Relevant Content Consistently

Publishing content that establishes your brand as a reliable drop shipping business is one of the most effective ways to drive sales using Instagram. Showing up on your target audience’s feed acts like a regular reminder for them to purchase your products.

Be consistent in uploading images, videos, and stories so that you prime people to think of your company first when deciding where to buy specific items.

3. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Think of hashtags as a method of categorizing posts. It begins with a hash or pound symbol (#) and allows Instagram users to find images and videos with a particular theme. Adding the sign to any word in your caption turns it into a clickable topic which directs people to similar content.

This feature is even more useful for your dropshipping business, now that the photo-sharing platform has enabled users to follow hashtags for specific topics.

You can make the most out of hashtags by including them in your posts and encouraging your followers to use them. You also need to know the different types so you can utilize them appropriately:

  • Branded Hashtags – These are hashtags that are unique to your brand. It is usually comprised of your business’ name. This can be used by your subscribers to tag you with user-generated content.
  • Contest Hashtags – These are used for specific contests or giveaways. By clicking on this type of hashtag, you get to see the entries for the competition. This is ideal for boosting brand awareness.
  • General Appeal Hashtags – These can be likened to high-volume keywords in search engines. This tag improves your posts’ searchability since a lot of people look for them. Examples are generic or popular phrases like #OOTD or #NoFilter.
  • Niche-Specific Hashtags – These are the opposite of general appeal hashtags since they only cater to a particular audience. They won’t give you the same reach as the previous tag, but you’ll get people who are interested in your products.

4. Automate Some Tasks

Scheduling some posts can save you time in managing your profile. There are plenty of Instagram automation tools available online. Aside from automatic posting, you can also use apps to monitor comments and search for hashtags that are relevant to your business. Nonetheless, manual posting is vital in your marketing strategy, too, since it makes your account more human and customer-oriented.

5. Make the Most Out of Galleries

Instagram implemented a new feature last year called galleries. This allowed users to publish a maximum of 10 photos in one post.

This is a valuable tool for your dropshipping business because you can inform your target audience about new arrivals without spamming your followers’ timelines. It also provides a remarkable alternative to the video when you show the different angles of a product.


Your dropshipping business can benefit significantly from Instagram marketing. Always post compelling content that provides value to your clients. You’ll see positive effects in the long run as you establish your brand on the platform.