One of the most exciting and potentially stressful experiences you will have in life is buying a new vehicle. A new vehicle will provide you with both the appeal and mechanical reliability you are looking for.

Modern car buyers spend nearly 60 percent of their time researching vehicles online. Using websites like is a great way to figure out what your options are and what kind of features fit your lifestyle.

Car Buying Experience

While the internet is a great way to find out about the cars on the market, you need to avoid buying a vehicle sight unseen. Actually visiting a dealership and getting a firsthand look at a vehicle is the only way to make an informed decision.

The following are just some of the features you need to look for when buying a new vehicle.

1. The Convenience of Adaptive Cruise Control

Some car owners think that features like adaptive cruise control are for lazy drivers. While this feature can reduce the work you have to do behind the wheel, it can also save you money due to the reduced fuel consumption it provides.

Adaptive cruise control prevents you from picking up too much speed while traveling down an open road. Since you are not hammering down on the accelerator pedal the whole time, you will reduce the amount of fuel being used.

Adaptive systems also have the power to detect the speed of the cars ahead of you and adjust your speed accordingly. This technology makes drivers safer and can also help to reduce the frequency and severity of auto collisions.

2. Start-Stop Technology Reduces Fuel Consumption

If you are looking for a vehicle that can save you money at the gas pumps, selecting an automobile with start-stop technology is crucial. This technology actually cuts off your engine when you stop the vehicle.

This feature is paired with your car’s braking system. This means when you release your brake pedal after being stopped, the vehicle will automatically restart. The team at Ford first pioneered this technology, but it has since been adopted by a number of other auto manufacturers.

3. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are a Must-Have

One of the most important parts of any car is the tires. The tires are the only part of your machine that actually touch the pavement. Making sure your tires are properly inflated can be simplified greatly with the help of pressure monitoring systems.

These systems tell you when one of your tires has lost pressure. Not only can this help to keep you safer on the road, but it can also give you a heads-up when it is time to replace worn tires. Driving around on worn tires reduces the stopping power your car has, which is why replacing them quickly is so important.

4. State-of-the-Art Navigation Systems

Do you travel on a regular basis? If so, getting a vehicle with a state-of-the-art built-in navigation system is a must. Modern GPS systems provide you with the ability to get to your destination in a hurry without any unwanted detours.

When looking at vehicles with navigation systems, be sure to pay attention to the screen size and the Bluetooth features being offered. Often times, vehicle manufacturers will provide the navigation system as part of an infotainment system. These systems allow you to do everything from getting directions to answer calls hands-free.

If you are unsure about what type of vehicle and features you need, consulting with a reputable dealership is a good idea. These professionals will be able to offer you guidance, which will reduce the chance of you having a case of buyer’s remorse.