Spyware is a software which is as its name suggests is used to spy on people on their devices, laptop, and computers. Through Spyware software someone can gather passwords, bank details, which websites they are using etc. without their knowledge. Essentially if someone uses spyware, they have the potential to observe all of your sensitive information. In some workplaces, domestic spyware is used so superiors can keep an eye on everyone’s activity. If any smartphone is attacked using spyware, then it will give someone else access to your photos, data, messages, and calls.


Spyware is difficult to deduce but you can notice a difference in your device because it will drain your battery life and you might have some problems with browsing speed but everything has its advantage and disadvantage. If you use spyware properly than we could get some benefit from it like potentially knowing a criminal’s location, who they are calling and so on.

There is also anti-spyware software which can help in saving all your privacy. Of course, that anti-spyware software needs to be installed in your system before your system is affected by spyware. Spyware requires an internet connection to initially get information. If your device is badly affected, then there is a chance someone may call anyone from your contacts and will show you countless ads even when your internet is not connected. These are just some examples, it all depends on the individual hacker.

You can avoid spyware by not clicking on random ads on websites, particularly links in pop-up windows. Be especially cautious of free downloadable software, make sure research is carried out prior as more often than not, this is a method of installing spyware on your computer. Email links are common sources for hacking like with phishing as well as spyware. In the case of spyware, there will often be emails offering anti-spyware software which is far from the case as it actually installs spyware instead. To learn more about phishing, take a look at the following infographic from Lookout.

Phising Infographic