Gaining an active audience, promoting your products and business and getting paid for it seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, Instagram is no Hogwarts letter, but it can surely bring you the same amount of magic.

With continuous growth in the number of users, Instagram keeps aiding many brands in gaining customers and obtaining success. So, you’re missing out a lot if you’re not already thinking out about what to post next on your business’ page. Your competitors are surely taking advantage of the platform.

Promote Your Brand with Instagram

So, how can you do the same thing and drive sales by using Instagram? This article covers what you need to know. Let’s get started.

Have a Compelling Page

How many times do you hear people saying that first impression matters? It doesn’t only apply to people. It can very well apply to your Instagram page as well. Therefore, it’s essential to know that as a marketer.

So, your page should be beautiful and clear, without giving people perplexed expressions when clicking on it. Also, it’s essential to have a logo for your profile picture, so your customers can recognize you instantly.

Post Consistently

This method will surely bring you the followers you want. Although there is the possibility to buy Instagram followers, it feels better to gain them organically, right?

People like consistency. So, if they expect you to post at 5 p.m. but you post at 9 p.m., and the next day you post at 7 p.m., they are not going to like it. Make sure you have specific hours for publishing your content.

Moreover, you shouldn’t spam your followers with countless posts. If you have more content, you can use Instagram stories for it. Posting one picture per month is not recommended either as people will forget about you.

Use Hashtags

Whenever you post something, you need to know that captions and hashtags are essential. Hashtags can make more people find your content and follow you.

You should consider creating a hashtag as well. That will make you more original, and people will love it, and it would be easier to find you later on.

Increase Your Following

You can find an Instagram bot to help you with this, but it’s better to learn how to do it yourself, right?

You need lots of followers to be able to promote your posts and generate sales. If you’re only at the beginning, it will take a while. However, if you already have some followers, there are certain things to do to increase this number.

Finding your target audience is an important thing. You can see your followers’ demographics, age, sex, and other information and create specific posts. This way, people in the same category will visit your page and perhaps follow your page.


Driving sales using Instagram is not the most straightforward task, especially if you’re at the beginning of the road. However, it’s not impossible, and by doing the right things presented in this article, your business will undoubtedly grow.