China has announced a plan to reduce carbon emissions, taking a step forward in the agenda of tackling climate change problems.

Climate change has been an important issue through time. Since the 1980s it has been something to talk about. China, along with the United States, are the countries that generate more greenhouse gas emissions, affecting the environment. For a long time, both countries were not open to solve the issue, since it involves consequences in their economies. But now it seems that both are reconsidering their position.

China is one of the countries that generates more greenhouse gas emissions. Photo credit: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images / NPR
China is one of the countries that generates more greenhouse gas emissions. Photo credit: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images / NPR

The plan China just presented proposes the reduction of carbon emissions and the increase of non-fossil fuels use. Following the plan, it is estimated that by 2020 the level of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be an 18 percent lower than it was in 2015, as reported by the Washington Post. The expansion of other types of energy come along. Non-fossil fuel energy and nuclear power will be expanded to 15 percent of China’s capacity.

In recent times, China has been a world leader in renewable energy investment, declaring war on pollution, to finally tackle this climate change issue. It has also made relations with the United States to work on it, raising praise from organizations such as Greenpeace.


Meetings regarding this problem will start on Monday in Morocco, which is seen as the action and implementation meetings of the agreements of last year reunions in Paris. These agreements stated that the reduction of carbon emissions must be a goal for every country, and was signed by more than 190 countries. The meetings are called the Conference of Parties, and this time it will be its 22nd edition.

President of the US, Barack Obama, was for the results generated during the meeting, being a president that is looking forward doing it, something that was lacking before. But the implementation of this relies on this year’s election.

Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different positions on this topic. Trump is the most radical, saying he does not approve those accords. In the case he wins the presidential election, he will position the US out of the agreements.

The negotiator behind these agreements -Todd Stern- said that Trump does not have the power to cancel the deal, since there are many countries involved, getting universal condemnation, as reported by the Guardian. China, on its side, criticized Trump´s position.

Another country that produces a lot of carbon emissions is Australia. It has always defended the coal industry, as the US and China because it is a big part of their economy. Some nations are expecting to listen to Australia’s position on the conference to see if it has decided to change it or not.

Source: The Washington Post