Major pop artist, Taylor Swift, has been involved in a PR/Twitter battle with her ex-boyfriend and DJ Calvin Harris, yet this time, it was Harris who took social media to address his former relationship and feelings about it.

Taylor Swift is all over the news if it’s not because her new single or her way of dancing, the blonde artist remains in the headlines because of her relationships. Swift has been known to date Hollywood A-Lists, like DJ Calvin Harris.

Taylor and Harris
DJ Calvin Harris responded to Taylor Swift “you won’t bury me,” after rumors that the pop singer wrote the lyrics for Harris’ summer hit ” This is what you came for.” Credit: People

Most recently, her now ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris used Twitter to bash the singer and the latest rumors from his summer single “This is what you came for” by confirming the singer had written the song, yet he was “hurt” about how the PR team managed the news. The DJ even took part of a feud between Swift and singer Katy Perry and addressed Swift’s relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston.

Rumors of the couple had started since the beginnings of March, but it wasn’t until the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd, were fans of the stars were able to see them together, holding hands and acting lovebirds-like.

The couple was all over the news, they were seen jet-setting together, dancing, holding hands, shopping, going out with friends, etc. But the relationship came to an end in the last month, because of differences between the couple.

Internal sources have told the tabloids Swift and Harris were a really good couple but were in “different places.” E! News, reported that Harris liked Swift because it wasn’t his typical date, and although there was no cheating involved, the couple had different environments and views.

This is not the first time Swift ends a relationship with a Hollywood A-list, or that she causes a tabloid mania over her love life. Yet, Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston days after breaking up with Harris.

At this year’s’ Met Gala, just a few days after breaking up with Harris, Swift was seen dancing with the actor and acting flirty. This news made the tabloids focus on Swift 100% more than before, and since then it has been a non-stop battle.

Swift vs. Harris vs. Perry?

During Swift and Harris relationship, social media enthusiast and tabloids were obsessed with the couple who wasn’t shy to show their love on Instagram pictures. The couple had posted several pictures of them in the beach or simply spending time together.

When the first news of the breakup started to emerge, both Swift and Harris, deleted all of their images together from the social media. Once again, the tabloids reported the happening and social media went crazy over the news.

Two weeks after the relationship ended, paparazzi captured the romantic moment in which Taylor Swift shared kisses on the beach with actor Tom Hiddleston. Since then, it has been an ongoing battle between Swift and Harris.

There have been many reports on what Harris had to say about the new relationship, according to which he said Swift was just “doing her thing.” Rumors also stated that the couple had both cheated on each other, and that’s why the singer jumped so fast to Hiddleston.

In the latest news, Harris new Summer song “This is what you came for” featuring Rihanna, was actually written by Swift when she was with the DJ under the pseudonym “Nils Sjoberg.”

Apparently, the couple didn’t want to make the information public, yet when the couple ended their relationship Swift’s representatives and fans theories pointed to the singer as the original songwriter.

Harris first denied those rumors during an interview with Ryan Seacrest but now the DJ has grabbed the subject into his own hands and used his Twitter account to address all of Swift’s rumors.

The DJ retweeted a People Magazine article that read “Taylor Swift wrote Calvin Harris hit” and added, “she sings on a little bit of it too.” Harris went on to explain how he produced the song and wrote the music and how Swift wanted it to be a secret at first.

Calvin Harris continued to explain how “hurtful” it as for her PR team and the singer to use this information to make him look bad and then addressed Swift’s new relationship by writing “I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that.”

As a finishing touch, the DJ addressed the ongoing feud between singer Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, by stating Swift should find someone new to bury “like Katy.”

As usual, social media went crazy after Harris tweets. Even singer Katy Perry addressed the tweets by posting one of her older tweets that assured time will take care of everything. To then post a GIF from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in which she expressed an “I don’t care” face.

Perry, who has recently been named the most followed on the social platform, had the support of her fans who promoted the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty, where thousands of people shared similar GIFS and bashed the “Bad Blood” singer.

Swift fans also took the social media to defend the singer and attack Perry’s fans, meanwhile, Harris had nothing else to say about the feud. It is yet to see if Taylor answers the DJ’s tweets or Katy Perry’s response.

Source: US Magazine