A 2-month baby girl died in Stamford on Tuesday afternoon. The autopsy revealed a blunt trauma to the head was the cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.

The Little Bears Beginning Daycare called 911 at 3:15 p.m. because one of its babies suddenly stopped breathing. The baby girl did not respond to resuscitation, so she was taken to the Stamford Hospital where doctors tried their best to save her life. However, the specialists were forced to call the death at 6:20 p.m.

Bella Redondo
Authorities determined that Bella Redondo, a 2-month-old baby girl, was murdered at a daycare in Stamford. Credit: Sacredheartspectrum.com

Dietrich Hohn, the Stamford Police Lieutenant, identified the baby girl as Bella Redondo. He added that the forensics team had found clear evidence of a blunt force trauma to the head during the autopsy. The sheer strength of the impact was noticeable, and according to the experts, it caused the breathing unrest which led to the baby’s death. Lt. Hohn added the police department had labeled the case as a homicide investigation.

The police department is proceeding with the mandatory interrogations starting with the people that were at the daycare that day. So far, there is no information about Bella Redondo’s parents, and the investigators do not have a suspect yet.

The day care industry has always been surrounded by controversy

Little Bears Beginnings Daycare is located on Wardwell Street. The owners run the business from their house, and many neighbors did not even know of its existence.

Unfortunately, Bella Redondo is not the only baby that has died in a similar fashion. Another 6-month baby girl was murdered at a day care in Rockville in April. According to the testimonies in court, the baby was brutally beaten presenting several broken bones and lacerations. The authorities identified the girl as Miller Lilliston.

Authorities charged one of the owners Kia Divband, 35, who ran the Little Dreamers Creative Learning Center and his wife. The man had worked in the industry for 14 years before opening his own business in his house. During that time, the man had a perfect record with the authorities without any regulatory sanction. Even though the authorities seem to have a compelling case against Divband, his relatives and friends are doing everything they can to set him free of the charges.

Cases like these are the nightmares of all the parents that drop their children at a daycare before going to work. According to Care.com, several risks factors could put children in danger in one of these establishments. Things like lack of adequate supervision and under-trained staff are listed as the most common problems of a child care. Moreover, there is something called “safe sleep practices,” and many people are unaware of its importance. The official authorities have set a series of regulations on the matter. For example, parents or caregivers are not allowed to let a baby sleep on a car seat or swing because they can die without anyone else noticing it.

There are many things parents should have in mind before choosing a daycare for their children, but if there is no other option, it is suggested to run a background check on the institution.

Source: CBS News