Kemosabe Records, through a spokesman, stated that Kesha was not allowed to perform at Billboard Music Awards on Sunday since the performance of the artist may include direct references about the legal dispute that currently exists between her and the producer.

However, the artist disregarded this statement by publishing in her social networks a message that explained to the fans that she was not interested in representing anything about the dispute with the producer. Instead, the intention was to present a tribute to Bob Dylan.

Kesha; Dr. Luke. Image courtesy of NOAM GALAI / GETTY; JASON LAVERIS / FILMMAGIC / People

The performance was meant to be a show honoring some Dylan’s songs and according to the artist, she was never going to use a picture, speak or allude to the legal situation in any way.

Kesha and Kemosabe

The legal dispute began when Kesha tried to be released from her contract with the label and presented the request in a Court. Since the judge denied  the request, the legal dispute went on as the artist’s lawyers presented an appeal. “Slavery” was a term used in the lawsuit.

Besides this civil dispute, that is recent, Kesha presented in 2014 criminal charges against the producer of Dr. Luke, Lukasz Gottwald, for sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse against the singer. The relationship between Kesha and the label was around ten-year long. The official response from Sony was to allow Kesha to work with someone different than Dr. Luke, but that the artist has been completely free during the entire relationship.

Dick Clark Productions, the organizer of the Billboard Music Awards, invited Kesha to perform in the edition of 2016 and she accepted. However, the label stopped the show since, according to the producer, there was a real risk that Kesha mocked the legal dispute in the show, even including images of Dr. Luke, a reason that motivated the company to rescind the approval to Kesha’s appearance on the show. An agreement has not been reached yet.

Source: Mashable