Google I/O  is an event hosted by Google annually to exhibit everything the company has been working on, gathering representatives of every branch of the tech industry. For developers, tech experts and geeks across the nation this is a major event to discover all the new inventions made by the giant G.

Tomorrow will be the Google I/O of this year in the Shoreline Amphitheater at San Francisco, and expectations are all over the place. Several tech journalists and analysts are exposing what is most likely to be successful, and what is not.

Image courtesy of Events Google.

Android Wear, for example, has not been updated in the last months, and a whole panel is scheduled in the event to present new Android Wear platforms.

Chromebook and Android

Users of Chromebooks are expecting the release of a platform in the devices that enables Android apps to run normally. If this is finally getting real the tech community will know tomorrow.

Android, on the other hand, has some news on its own. A new platform was released in March this year: Android N. However, we have not seen a lot about this system and Google’s I/O is going to be most likely all about this operating system. It seems to be a built-in platform-level that will even be able to work with reality headsets and other devices.

Virtual Reality and Virtual Home-Assistants

VR headsets are probably going to be in the lineup of new devices and platforms. The event will be the perfect space to release some new hardware and systems for this technology that is getting bigger and bigger in the industry.

Besides Google Home, Google Chirp is another home-tech device and platform to make Google compete with Amazon’s Echo.

Google’s I/O Keynote will be certainly highly commented in social networks and in the tech-specialized media. If Google disappoints or amazes the public it’s still to be seen.

Source: Tech Crunch