Ice cream is part of the U.S. holidays, and it has its month and day to be celebrated. The celebration was designated in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, who along the Congress made a resolution regarding the milk-made dessert.

The S.J. Resolution 298 was signed on July 2, 1984, and it argued that ice cream industry provided jobs for thousands of citizens and generated approximately $3,500,000,000 in annual sales. The resolution says that over 887 million gallons of milk were consumed by Americans in 1983 and adds that ice cream is a perfect nutritious dessert that is enjoyed by 90 percent of the people of the United States.

To celebrate the holiday with style, companies like Uber started a ice cream delivery service for loyal customers this month. Image Credit: eCreamery
To celebrate the holiday with style, companies like Uber started an ice cream delivery service for loyal customers this month. Image Credit: eCreamery

The resolution also states that ice cream uses 10 percent of the milk produced by farmers and thus contributes to the U.S. economic well-being. And for all those reasons,  July was declared the “National Ice Cream Month,” and July 15 the “National Ice Cream Day.”

The Inquisitr reports that David Henkes, Technomic Advisory Group Senior Principal, said that ice cream and ice cream related products have still a positive impact on sales. He added that in spite of the health and well-being trend, sweet treats like ice cream continue to sell well even on months beyond National Ice Cream Day.

According to the National Dairy Foods Association, more than 10 percent of all milk produced by the U.S. is used to make ice cream. The same percentage that the resolution on National Ice Cream Day and National Ice Cream Month mentioned 32 years ago.

President Reagan said that this holiday must be celebrated with appropriate ceremonies and activities and until today, the tradition continues. But with a slight modification, National Ice Cream Day is celebrated the third Sunday in July.

Ice cream promotions in the U.S.

To celebrate the National Holiday the taxi service, Uber provided ice cream last Friday. Along with Magnum, Uber delivered ice cream bars in more than 400 cities in 69 countries, says USA Today.

But Ice Cream Day is a special occasion and Uber wanted to make special deliveries, which means that Magnum bars arrived in classic cars in New York; drones and hoverboards in Mexico City; canoes in Hawaii; speedboats in Bangkok; and cable cars in San Francisco. To get an ice cream using Uber services, you just needed to open the app set your location and clicked in the promotion, which was an ice cream tab.

Carvel is also celebrating and today the company will be offering a buy 1, get 1 for free for any size soft-serve cup or cone. And charity is part of the holiday as well. Baskin Robbins will donate 75 cents to the United Service Organization (USO) for every ice cream float that people consume. The deal honors the USO 75th anniversary.

But humans are not the only ones that can celebrate ice cream! According to the Inquisitr PetSmart is giving away samples of doggie -safe ice cream, a Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes in some PetSmart’s PetsHotel locations. The treats have vanilla scoops topped with dog biscuits sprinkles. Now everyone can celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

Source: The Inquisitr