Uber Technologies Inc. is celebrating the National Ice Cream Month by delivering soft ice creams in more than 400 cities in 69 countries on Friday. The company is making deliveries from Dubai to Berlin using cars, helicopters, boats and even Jet Skis.

People on social media are celebrating the move using the hashtag #UberIceCream. The billionaire startup has allied with Magnum in Dubai. People on The Walk at Dubai Marina can order ice creams that will be delivered via Jet Ski. People around the world can order ice cream from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Users on the Arab Emirates can order six Magnum bars for $11, including delivery fees. George Calombaris, a judge at MasterChef Australia, is selling gourmet ice cream in Australia via Uber for $15.

Given the ride-hailing company's reach, the fact Uber didn't think of this before it's nothing but astounding. Still, #UberIceCream has been well received in over 400 cities. Image Credit: Vulcan Post
Given the ride-hailing company’s reach, the fact Uber didn’t think of this before it’s nothing but astounding. Still, #UberIceCream has been well received in over 400 cities. Image Credit: Vulcan Post

“Crème glacée or Sorvete, no matter how you say it, ice cream is delicious in every language. There’s a general love for this frozen treat — one that transcends seasons, borders, and cultures. That’s why one day every year Uber brings the ice cream to you — no matter where you are,” said Uber in a statement.


Uber is using Jet Skis, boats, helicopters, drones, canoes and horse carriages to deliver ice cream

The transportation company is making innovative deliveries in the United States. Some people in New York City has received ice cream in classic cars. The San Francisco cable car system has also joined the initiative.

Uber is also using Segway vehicles, hoverboards, and even drones, said U.S.A. Today. Users in Hawaii have reported receiving ice cream in a canoe. People in Dallas are getting ice cream deliveries in carriages driven by horses wearing a unicorn costume.

Uber celebrated the National Ice Cream Day last year but faced some problems due to high demand. This year, the company has allied with dozens of ice cream providers to make deliveries in just a couple of minutes. The company expects to deliver one million ice cream bars around the world, as reported by U.S.A. Today. People in cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., where UberEats is available, can even obtain free ice cream.

Users in Austin, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Atlanta can also order Klondike bars.

Uber has canceled ice cream delivery in France after the terror attack in Nice

A spokesman for Uber said the company had withdrawn ice cream delivery in some regions of Europe including Nice. The French city suffered from a terror attack on Thursday that left at least 84 dead and 202 injured, said the New York Times.

The company said it a statement its thoughts were with the people of France. Uber’s Ice Cream Party was also canceled in London, Nottingham and other cities in England.

Local taxi drivers and Uber workers in Nice are giving free rides to people who need to leave the area. The company had also made reimbursements to those who paid for higher fees when prices automatically surged after the attack.

Source: Uber Newsroom