Following the 14-year-old Adriana Coronado amber alert case since Saturday, the Walker County Sheriff’s Department has released a surveillance camera video involving a suspect of the kidnapping of the girl. Local officials and investigators are requesting the public’s help in order to identify the person of interest.

In the surveillance video, a Ford F-150 truck is shown traveling down the road before disappearing from the scene. Yet, a man is seen running away as a fire starts off-camera, and this gives authorities enough reasons to believe the man is involved in the missing of Adriana Coronado. Adriana was last seen on Saturday morning as she was attending the Texas suburb of Katy in Houston, yet authorities found the lifeless body of her father Caesar Vladimir Coronado on Sunday.

Walker County Sheriff’s Department has released a surveillance camera video involving a suspect of the kidnapping of Adriana Coronado. Credit:

The body of Adriana’s father was discovered in a ditch near Interstate 45 and Highway 75 and showed severe burn injuries, as reported by CNN. Suspiciously enough for authorities from Texas, the same Ford F-150 truck shown in the surveillance tapes was found along with the dead body of Caesar Coronado in the Houston suburb of Conroe.

Texan authorities have reasons to believe Adriana was with her father at the moment of his death, and that she was then abducted. According to Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae, this theory is the only one that can justify any motive for Coronado’s slaughter.

Following Adriana’s trace

Now, concerns about the 14-year-old girl are increasing amongst investigators involved in Adriana Coronado’s case as well as authorities. Adriana’s friends told in an interview with KHOU that they began to worry when she didn’t pick up her phone because she had planned a girl’s day at her apartment.

The teenager from Texas attending to the Mayde Creek High School vanished along with his father after midnight on Saturday. When Adriana’s father was found dead and almost incinerated in a Ford truck in the Houston suburb of Conroe, authorities intensified the amber alter as they became anxious to find the missing girl.

Adriana stands 5 feet tall and weights about 105 pounds. Walker County authorities welcome any help that can suggest the girl’s location or tracks in order to trace her as soon as possible.

She also has brown eyes and normally uses black-framed glasses. Anyone with information about Adriana’s whereabouts or about the man shown in the surveillance video is asked to contact Walker County Sheriff investigators at (936)-435-2400.

Source: KBTX