Los Angeles – Unfortunately for an electrician, a tragic fall of more than 50 floors from what it will be the tallest skyscraper of Los Angeles resulted in his immediate death. On Friday, authorities identified the worker who fell to his death from the Wilshire Grand Tower, currently under construction in Los Angeles’ downtown area.

According to a CNN affiliate insider, the worker was only beginning his second day on the job on Thursday when he fell from one of the highest structures in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Fire Department said the man struck the back of a car and was declared dead immediately after the impact.

An electrician working at the Wilshire Grand Tower construction site, unfortunately, fell from more than 50 floors. Credit: Curious.kcrw.com

Witnesses of the horrific event claim it took some time for people below, normally transiting the streets, to realize the awfulness of what had happened. The building is surrounded by frequent traffic of pedestrians because it’s near the Staples Center arena where the Lakers and Clippers normally play.

The man, who had just started working as an electrician on the construction of the Wilshire Grand Tower on Tuesday, landed on a passing car after falling all 53 stories, said officials from Los Angeles police. Although the woman driving the car appeared to be unharmed, the car the man crashed showed horrific conditions as the panels were splattered with his blood.

It’s also worth noticing that the worker was in a restricted area and was not designated to be above the third floor, said the construction company officials. The construction company Turner Construction states the man wasn’t even supposed to be working on the highest floor, so they have reasons to believe the man wanted to commit suicide.

Nevertheless, the name and information about the man who fell, or jumped from the Wilshire Grand Tower still under construction, has not been released yet. However, according to CBS, the man was 36 years old and left a wife behind.

“He had taken off his hard hat and had not been wearing a safety harness because it wasn’t required for the bottom floors he was working on,” said spokeswoman for Turner Construction, Lisa Gritzner.

Source: LA Times