The tech giant Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) presented on Tuesday a new list of devices wich are compatible with Amazon Dash Replenishment, a service developed by the company to connect devices trough the internet of things, so they can instantly order supplies from Amazon when they are running out. For instance, a consumer will have ink in its mailbox if their Brother printer automatically ordered it.

The company led by Jeff Bezos explained that devices such as Brother printers, GE washers and the Gmate SMART blood glucose monitor, will function with the new service if users sign up to be part of the program. Other brands such as Purell, Samsung, Whirlpool, Oster, Brita and Petnet, will be incorporated to the program in the next months.

Amazon included new devices to the Dash Replenishment Service, so they can instantly order supplies from Amazon when they are running out. Credit: Tech Crunch

“With Amazon Dash Replenishment, we want to make customers’ lives even easier so they won’t run out of items like laundry detergent, pet food or printer ink again — customers simply activate Dash Replenishment when they are setting up their connected device and then rely on Amazon to automatically deliver those everyday essentials,” said Daniel Rausch, Director at Amazon Devices, in a press release.

Brother Industries announced that the company is excited to work alongside Amazon with the launch of this innovative service. More than 45 Brother printers are already compatible with Amazon Dash Replenishment, users who register their printers in the program won’t need to worry about buying ink supplies anymore.

“It’s exciting to make Dash Replenishment a reality — customers can start taking advantage of the service today and we will continue to launch and add new devices to the program this year,” Said Daniel Rausch on Tuesday.

Another interesting thing that was announced is that the GE compatible washer has a Smart Dispense technology that uses just the needed amount of detergent for each load. Also, users can determine when they want the washer to order more detergent according to the level they previously configured.

It was announced that The SMART Blood Glucose Meter developed by Gmate, which works with a smartphone to make blood tests, can be connected to the Amazon service to order testing strips and lancets when supplies are running out, so customers won’t put their health in risk.

Last year, Amazon presented the Amazon Dash button, a tiny device with an adhesive strip that can be put anywhere, to buy a product with just one touch. The Dash Button, which costs $4.99, needs to be continuously connected to a Wi-Fi network when customers use it, and an order confirmation is sent to their phones, where they can cancel the order if they change their mind.

Brands such as Tide, Ziploc, Gatorade, Huggies, Orbit, Gerber, Olay, Ice Breakers, Gillet, and several others, have already allied with Amazon in order to create dedicated buttons. The internet of things is getting bigger worldwide since companies such as Intel and IBM have invested billion of dollars in the segment. According to a Juniper research, by 2020 there will be around 38.5 billion connected devices, other analysts such as Gartner calculated the number will reach 25 billion.

Source: Amazon