Zirx presented on Monday a new launch mobility service that will be available through a free-to-use software. Clients from eight cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, can have their vehicles moved, to be delivered to another customer, or to be repaired in an auto shop.

The same startup started as a service that allowed customers to order valet parking service, on-demand. However, costs were higher than expected and the company changed its business strategy to focus on “mobility” needs of the industry, said Techcrunch.

If you have a car that needs to get from one location to another, Zirx got you covered. Credit: Zirx

The new service called “Zirx Mobility Services Platform” offers several services to automakers, dealerships, fleet owners, manufacturers and auto shops. CEO of the startup, Sean Behr, said to VentureBeat that the automotive industry is changing like never before.

As a response, Zirx wants to target a new rising market of companies that are in need of fast and efficient mobility services, for customers who use apps for almost all commercial transactions and purchases.

Which is the impact of the new Zirx platform for the car industry?

Behr has explained that not many car dealers in the country can deliver a car to and from a customer. On the other hand, repair shops do not usually offer to pick up service and deliver. Currently, car repair sites Open Bay and BAMA Commercial Leasing have allied with Zirx, said Techcrunch.

“The industry as a whole is worried that people are going to buy fewer cars and that this company called Uber is posing a threat to their bread and butter business. It makes them move in the space to deliver a better customer experience and address this gap in the changing market.” He said.

Zirx can also take cars for an oil change or maintenance service, including battery charge, gas charge, and car wash. Pricing will take into account miles, minutes and services ordered, Behr added.

Who will drive your car, pricing and availability

All vehicles will be driven by Zirx agents, who are background-checked and certified by the startup. According to Techcrunch, agents move around the city in shuttle buses, using public transportation or walking, so they can quickly reach places.

Pricing includes miles, minutes, and services ordered. For instance, a client can request Zirx to move four cars from a location to another location, in a specific time. The price will depend on how many Zirx agents are needed to do the job, according to the customer orders.

The service is currently available in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., New York and Chicago.

Source: Techcrunch