360-degree videos have made a real impact on modern social media. Both Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) and Youtube have shown a series of videos where users can interact with the screen, making them feel as if they are in the taped location.

But Youtube has taken 360-degree view to a whole new level, adding the live 360 view which will allow customers to experiment as if they were in the location at the moment.

Youtube users will be able to enjoy selected Coachella performances in 360-videos this weekend through a live broadcast. Credit: EDMChicago

Coachella 360-degree live video and spatial audio

Since February, rumors of live 360 videos were spreading across the Internet, but now users will be able to enjoy the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival as if they were right there.

The Festival started on Friday, April 15, and ends Sunday, April 24. Users of the social media will be able to enjoy select performances of the festival this weekend through a broadcast that Youtube will use.

“It’s not just a livestream, but a live stream that you can experience  in 360-degrees as if you were at the actual event,” Neal Mohan a Google video executive assures.

The technology uses cameras that capture the event from all its angles at the selected performances and since it’s a live transmission, the photographer or cameraman won’t need to worry about stitching all the footage together.

Another adding to the website is a new 360- degree view of the eight Youtube Space Locations around the world.

Spatial audio will be also added to select Youtube videos (not live). This preference will allow users to feel as if they were in the space of the recording. Giving a more depth, distance and intensity to the sounds.

The technology used in the spatial audio videos is the same Google used in its VR device Cardboard that enhanced the listening experience in the platform.

Anyone can record 360

The changes made on the platform will allow any user in possession of a 360-degree camera to livestream any event.

According to Google’s Neal Mohan, users won’t need any fancy technology but their smartphones to move around and record a live 360-video.

For now, Youtube is supporting two types of cameras the Elli 360 camera and the Orah 4i but according to the company, more support for different types of cameras is coming.

The main objective of the company is for every-day users to enjoy and have access to this new type of technology.

Source: PC World