Riding a bicycle is usually seen as a very safe activity. However, there are many reasons that might stop people from riding one (lack of infrastructures, crowded roads, etc.), but no one will tell you that it’s too dangerous and they’re scared of a crash.

Why Riding a Bicycle Can Be Dangerous
Tom Wheatley

And why should they? Statistics have shown us more than once that it’s very unlikely to end up in a fatality while on a bike. Cycling also brings many health-related benefits, as it’s a low-impact workout that uses all of the major muscle groups and increases your fitness levels. It will decrease your risks of suffering from heart diseases and it’s easy to fit into your daily routine if you utilize it as your main mode of transportation.

It looks like a dream when compared to being alone and alienated from the rest of the world in a car, where accidents occur almost daily and are much more dangerous. But this doesn’t mean that riding a bicycle is a walk in the park. Unexpected events can still take place and cause serious injuries to everyone involved. Cycling is not immune to distracted or drunk drivers, and if a speeding vehicle crashes into a bike, things are going to end up pretty badly for the cyclist.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

According to your state’s law, a bicycle may or may not be considered a vehicle, but it still has to follow many of the same traffic laws that apply to cars or motorcycles. A lot of tips on driving safely can also be applied to bikes, but there are some differences due to the vehicle’s different nature.

The lack of proper bicycle-related infrastructure is a thing to consider before anything else, as that’s the main reason why this normally safe activity can turn into a disaster. Fortunately, even in cities where you don’t have a dedicated lane or space, you can still follow some basic tips so you can avoid getting hurt.

Be Vigilant

Like with pretty much any other activity, paying attention and being vigilant is a fundamental step and one you should never forget. There are a lot of distracted drivers out there, and you don’t want to turn into one. If you need to use your phone, pull over and stop your bike to do so. You should also avoid wearing headphones, as they can lower your attention span and make you deaf to incoming dangers. Not being alert will also severely hurt your case if you decide to sue after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle, as you’ll be seen as a negligent driver.

Avoid Cars as Much as Possible

Cars are everywhere, and more often than not, avoiding them is not possible at all, especially if you’re using your bicycle for daily tasks. But when you’re riding for exercise or simply because it’s your hobby, you can easily take a safer approach and go mountain biking. That will greatly decrease your chances of getting injured if you’re not going unreasonably fast. If you have no other choice but to road cycle, you should go through less crowded areas, even if that means being a few minutes late to work.

What to Do After Being Hit by a Car

Even if you did everything correctly, someone else’s negligence can still cause an accident. This is out of your control, but you can still be adequately compensated when this happens. Hiring a lawyer is worth it when this type of accident takes place, as the at-fault driver will try his best to make you look irresponsible. You should also avoid complicating things and hurting your claim, so don’t forget your helmet and all your protective gear before you start cycling.