No matter the kind of legal trouble you find yourself in, the question at the back of your mind is always, can I afford a lawyer? Unfortunately, getting legal representation in a criminal case is quite expensive if you want the best service. You can choose a free public defender or a private criminal attorney whose fees vary on the services they provide.

How Much Does a Good Criminal Lawyer Cost?

Another source of stress is that most lawyers insist on clients paying part of their fee upfront. This might be difficult because it isn’t a situation for which you have budgeted. It’s even worse when you consider you can lose the case, as with any legal battle, which doesn’t mean you can get a refund.

How Much is a Criminal Lawyer Fees?


This is the amount used to cover your case and workload. Most lawyers will calculate and require you to pay a part of the retainer upfront based on their hourly rate and the number of hours worked. The lawyer should send regular detailed statements to the clients to see how their money has been spent thus far and how much remains. They would add another payment if the initial amount is used up.

Hourly rates

If yours is a straightforward case, then a lawyer who works hourly is the best choice. A disadvantage would be if the case gets more complicated, then the whole process could get costly.

Case by case billing

This is when the charges are based on the type of case the lawyer is dealing with, e.g., a DUI might cost from $3000, depending on the complexity of the case. A clear advantage is the lawyer shoulders all costs after payment, even the unforeseen ones.

Other charges

You might also have to take on the cost of filing documents in court, paying investigators and expert witnesses, trial fees, among others.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Lawyers Services


Depending on the cost of living within your locale, the cost of hiring a lawyer may differ. For example, a Tampa criminal lawyer might cost less than a lawyer in New York City. The cost of court procedures is higher in some cities compared to others.

Type of case

The type of charges you are facing will determine the kind of lawyer you get. If your charges are serious, then you might want a lawyer that specializes in a specific area. Also, if you have been charged with more than one offense, the more expensive it will be because it will take more time to resolve.


If you want a more experienced lawyer on your case, you might have to pay more than with a younger attorney fresh out of school. However, in this case, you might choose to go with the more experienced attorney because you know the process will be faster thus cheaper in the long run as opposed to a more affordable, less experienced lawyer.

The legal process

Some court systems and officials might be hard to deal with, which elongates the time the lawyer works on the case. If you are paying by the hour, then the process will get costly.

Contact an Affordable Lawyer Today

Affordability is relative to different people, but the bottom line, you should get a lawyer within your budget. This doesn’t mean if the rates of an attorney are low, he is not a good lawyer, and vice versa. However, low legal fees could mean the attorney might not assign your case as much time as others. Therefore, you should make an informed choice when deciding with whom to work.