You know that the duration of sleep is essential for physical and mental wellbeing, but it seems that the sleep position is also an important factor in the quest for optimum health. Research suggests that for most people sleeping on the left side is the ticket to vigorous health. Ayurveda first promoted this idea, and modern medicine has explored its theory.

Why Does Your Body Want You to Sleep on Your Left Side?

You probably have already heard that you must sleep at least 7 hours a night to wake up fresh in the morning, but you may have never thought that the side on which you sleep impacts your overall wellbeing. However, you may have noticed that some sleep positions cause you pain while others encourage rest.

So, should you fuss about teaching your body to sleep on your side? Check the following potential benefits you can have if you rest on your left side.

It supports your lymphatic system

Ayurvedic medicine states that when you sleep on your side, your body finds it easier to filter waste and lymph fluid through the lymph nodes because your left side is the dominant side one for the lymphatic system. Modern research reveals that sleeping on your left side helps your body dispose of the waste materials from your brain. Sleeping in another position stops your body from successfully filtering waste and lymph fluid.

It improves digestion

Sleeping on the left side is beneficial for digestion due to the matter of gravity because your stomach is placed on that particular part of the body, and lays in a comfortable position throughout the night. When you lay on your left side, the food waste moves from your intestines towards the colon. This sleeping position allows your pancreas and stomach to hang naturally and boosts the development of pancreatic enzymes. To encourage your body to rest in this position, replace the old mattress with a side sleeper mattress that keeps the digestive system working.

It boosts your heart health

If you have ever carried a baby, your doctor may have recommended you to sleep on your left side to improve circulation to your heart. But even if you’re not a woman, or pregnant, sleeping in this position puts less pressure on your heart because gravity doesn’t stress your lymphatic system. If you suffer from a heart condition, it’s best to ask your doctor for guidelines on how to sleep because some conditions may require you to lay on your right side.

It relieves back pain

When dealing with back pain, lying in the bed for extended periods may worsen your symptoms. Therefore, you may wake up in the morning, experiencing more intense back pain. But you can relieve some of this chronic pain if you switch to your left side. This position takes away the pressure from your spine, and you wake up feeling more relaxed. Laying on the left side can also improve sleep at night because it lowers pain and heartburn.

At first, it may not feel comfortable for your body to switch into sleeping in this position, but as time passes, you build a new sleeping habit.