GPS tracking software is essential for any business industry that has at least several vehicles to be managed. Logistics and taxi services are the most obvious but not the only examples of the companies for which GPS tracking applications are at the core of business operations. These apps are also needed in healthcare, retail, construction, utility, and many other industries. As always, there are two ways to go when it comes to GPD software integration – you may either subscribe to the already created app or make your own one. How to make GPS tracking software in the second case and how to find the right app in the first? Here are the top location tracking applications to choose from in 2020.

What Is the Best GPS Tracking Software in 2020

Top 7 GPS Applications to Choose For Your Business

  1. Navixy

This is a full-fledged solution for fleet management, telematics, and field and office employees connection. The choice of features is really amazing. With this app, you may establish geofencing zones and get a notification if one of your vehicles cross the established border, monitor fuel consumption remotely, create and manage tasks, assigning them to your in-house and field workers, choose important locations, pin them on the map and track the visits, schedule reports generation and get them automatically to your email, show your customers where the courier is on the map, fill in driver journal to keep your drivers disciplined and stay fully aware of each of their movements, assign access rights to GPS data generated and this is not the complete list of features!

  1. Logistrics

This is a highly specific software with sophisticated products for numerous business needs. For example, there is a specialized solution for taxi services with a full-fledged set of functions for order pick-ups and performance. There is also a product for rail-road transported cargo; you can manage cargo transported by plane too. Plus, there is a “GPS Data as a Service” function with the help of which you may deal only with high-quality information that really matters to your business operations.

  1. Lone Star Tracking

This is an awesome application that can be used with Android, iOS, and desktop computers. As for the usage specifics, there is a need for a special device (which according to the creators, has the longest-living battery possible) plus the application itself. Lone Start Tracking has basic functionality to track the location of the vehicle (you receive notifications when the car begins to move). Also, there is an in-build driver behavior monitoring system that allows you to track the road traffic violations, and create scorecards for each of your drivers.

  1. Bouncie

This solution may be suitable for personal and business use, and its functionality is quite impressive. In addition to location tracking functions, the app helps to drive better and safely by suggesting useful insights, update you if there is something wrong with the technical state of the car, and also provides accident assistance. To use the full-fledged functionality, you need a Boucie device that looks like a flashcard and costs only $67, plus an activated subscription for an app for $8 per month.

  1. RAM Tracking

This is a full-fledged solution for tracking any vehicle, including trucks, vans, and whole fleets. This software has very strong telematics features (real-time data sharing across vehicles and management), theft protection, automated reporting, and a lot of opportunities for customer service improvement. In a nutshell, this is one of the best solutions for medium and large businesses that want to control their vehicles and analyze the data generated 24/7.

  1. GPSWox

The distinctive feature of this GPS tracking software is the ease of its setup. Also, there are features for business and personal use. In the first case, you may track your vehicles and competently manage your logistical operations. When used for personal purposes, there are features for family and pet control, plus there is a GPS tracker shop.

  1. WebFleet

This is an all-in-one solution for small and medium businesses that allows you to solve all the necessary tasks regarding your fleet and workflow management, fleet optimization, and taking on the green, safe, and ethical driving. This software is quite suitable for different industries that need competent fleet management – from healthcare to construction. There is a demo version of the app, the final price can be discussed with their sales department.


So, how to choose the best GPD tracking software for your business if a lot of them have awesome functions for vehicle control. data analysis and even task management? The right way is to determine your specific problem and try to find a solution with the best ability to solve it. What’s more, you may come up with your own GDS tracking system and develop only those functions that will contribute to your business efficiency and solve your core problem.