You see them chucking a javelin through the air as if it weighs nothing, running as fast as the wind, swimming like a fish, kicking the ball straight into the goal, notwithstanding the enormous opposition there may have been to that goal, contorting their bodies into never before seen shapes and feel deep awe, respect, and love for them, right? But, ever wondered just how ordinary these sports stars are as well? How are they just like us in the ability to be as normal and boring as the rest of the world? If you have, then you should most definitely scroll through this article to know more about the pets that your favorite sportspersons keep at home with them. To know what all these sports star pooches have been up to during the pandemic, check out this article at

What Kind of Pets Do Sports Persons Have?

Just like your pet pooch must be the apple of your eyes, these sports stars also love and adore their pets who are just as much their companion for lives, as yours are for you. For sports fans or betting enthusiasts, check out

Here is a list of the pets that famous sports stars from around the world hold close to their hearts:

  • Bougie: Bougie is the French Bulldog that belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and star player, JuJu Smith-Schuster. Bougie is well-loved by the player who considers his dog to be his best pal ever. With more than 200K followers on Instagram, Bougie is clearly living the life of his doggy dreams;
  • Rocco: Another Bulldog, but an  English one this time, Rocco is an absolute gentleman when it comes to being the pet dog of star player and Golden State Warriors guard, Klay Thompson. Thompson loves Rocco with all his heart, so much so that he has made a hashtag for him and created a custom Rocco themed version of his classic signature shoe, the Anta KT5;
  • Blue: Blue is a unique dog who belongs to USWNT star player Alex Morgan. She loves Blue to bits and in keeping with the name, Blue has had grand birthday celebrations on the beach, right near the blue, blue sea with mom, Alex nearby, cheering and cuddling her. Blue is also a star along with Alex herself. They have starred together in an awareness advertisement for PETA;
  • Lilo: Simone Biles might be known for years for her historic gymnastic wins and her decision to give more importance to her mental health over her participation in the Olympics, but what most of you do not know is that she has a French Bulldog named Lilo who keeps her company all the time when she is at home. Lilo also has an Instagram page of her own, where there are photographs with mommy, Simone;
  • Gee and Smoke: Aside from the really adorable names that these two furry animals have, they are also so very mischievous. Minnesota Vikings star Visanthe Shiancoe is well known for the controversial choices he has made on and off the field. This is no different. Gee and Smoke are the two ferrets who have created a huge place in Shiancoe’s heart for them. They have a huge three-level cage to cause as much trouble as they want to and play around, but then too, they often come out and play outside, digging into all the potted plants. It’s a good thing that Momma Shiancoe is there when Visanthe is away to take care of his precious pals!
  • Dr. Quackery and Miss Meow: If those names remind you of fluffy, cuddly, and warm cats, then you have guessed correctly. Both of them are fluffy felines who belong to the famous basketball player, Russ Smith. They are the apples of Smith’s eyes and he constantly uploads pictures of them on his personal Instagram page, whenever he is at home. Fluffy, white Miss Meow is a superstar in her own name as well, with so many who follow her just to see her antics. These cats are the felines who have the key to Russ Smith’s heart;
  • Willy: Another exceptional feline who wiggled into the Milwaukee Brewers’ star, Nyjer Morgan’s heart when he wasn’t even looking for a cat in the first place. Today, he is the brand ambassador of PETA who promotes cat adoption, instead of buying cats from breeders. Their bond is so superior that it is said that Nyjer went to a shelter to get a dog for himself, but instead got charmed and bowled over by this grey cat nicknamed Willy who happened to be there, apparently just for Nyjer Morgan.


Other than all these pets, there are some exotic pets as well that some sports stars have chosen for themselves. From Usain Bolt really living up to his name and adopting a baby cheetah, to three-time NBA champ, Danny Green’s fascination for snakes as pets, to Mario Balotelli keeping an exotic pig, sports stars sure love animals, however different they might be.