Sports is one of those areas which never get old. From the sports events all over the world that enchant and exhilarate all sports enthusiasts at, football is right at the top of the list when it comes to actually have a huge fan base and when we say huge, we are looking at millions or maybe even billions of fans who do not miss even a single match.

Top Football Clubs in the World in 2021
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Sports is incomplete without football fans cheering for their favorite home team when it comes to the World Cup or the Euro Cup, but there is also the immense appreciation that most football fans have for the football superstars like Messi and Ronaldo as well as the club events that take place all the year-round. So, it is high time we check where these football clubs are placed today in 2021 on an index based on social media popularity, TV viewership ratings, Sponsorship Deals, and the most important ones that are the awards, trophies, and cups. For sports betting enthusiasts, go ahead and Download 1xBet APK now!

The following is a list of the football clubs in the world ranked so that if you are a fan, then you can jump up with joy and most definitely feel all pleased about it:

  1. Real Madrid: Real Madrid is really the real deal when it comes to football clubs and fan bases of the same. With more fans than any other football club in the world, Real Madrid enjoys the biggest fan base in the world when it comes to social networking handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Also, it is significant to note that Real Madrid is a great football club with a host of titles and awards under its belt. Real Madrid has won 10 European titles and a huge number of major trophies in the game of football in history. Real Madrid has also won the highest number of La Liga titles in all. Also to be noted is the fact that Real Madrid has had the distinction of winning the FIFA Club of the 20th Century Award with 42.35% of the Popularity votes. With such a huge fan base and so many championships wins, Real Madrid is a power-packed football club to watch out for. They have sponsorship deals with Adidas (a 10-year long contract) and the Fly Emirates to boot;
  2. Barcelona: Second most popular amongst all the football clubs in the world, it had Lionel Messi as a major star player on the team till very recently. With a host of titles and championships under its belt, Barcelona has an immense presence on social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among others. With Barcelona merchandise being the top favorite among fans all over the world, this is the football club that you will be looking forward to whenever there is a club championship or event taking place. The championships that Barcelona has won include major league titles such as the Champions League, La Liga, Copa Del Ray, Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and so on. The sponsorship deals that Barcelona is involved with include a $40 million deal with the famous sports brand, Nike and a Rakuten Shirt Sponsor;
  3. Manchester United: This is the football club that is the third-best in the world today in 2021. This football club hails from Old Trafford, England, and is one of the most successful football clubs in all the world. The red-colored Manchester United merchandise is one of the most popular ones from all over the world. Also, Manchester United was the FIFA World Cup-winning team in 2008. With sponsorship deals from Adidas of $108 per season, Manchester United has a huge social media following and some of the very best football stars playing for them.


When IFFHS tallied the football clubs all over the world and started their rank formations from 2011 to 2020, Barcelona finished at the top, with a close second being Real Madrid. The rankings have often been reversed with Real Madrid being first as well, according to popularity and sponsorship deals.

In 2020, according to the IFFHS, Bayern Munich finished first in the Club World Ranking. This year their rank has dropped on the popularity index, and PSG has come a close fourth just after them. But, with Lionel Messi joining PSG in the extravagant style that they have, PSG might climb up the ranks faster than ever before.

Liverpool, on the other hand, has dipped so low on the rankings index of IFFHS that it is very shocking. At the 17th position now, even below Tottenham which is at the 15th, Liverpool has had a miserable year with poor performances from 2020, even with Jurgen Klopp being in form and giving his very best to Liverpool. For more information about the other teams in the top 20, visit now!

So, get right on and watch the club football games and cheer for your favorite teams right now!