What is the one thing that you’d do anything to copy from your favorite celebrity’s home and why would you go to such lengths? As you may be aware, most celebrities own multiple homes. Ever wondered why? Well, for starters, most of them prefer to keep their family lives separate from their private lives. This not only helps them to focus on their craft but also to keep off prying eyes in form of “paparazzi”.

What Is Fascinating About Your Favorite Celebrity’s Home?

The next probable reason for possessing several shelters traversing continents is the fact that celebrities are bound to travel a lot. In fact, they travel a lot more often than the average traveler does. It may be just another tour, another shoot, or simply a performance of sorts. Whatever the reason, being held up in a singular location is never in their life.

Within the confines of most celebrity homes lies unimaginable magnificence ranging from architectural splendor to ultra-modern decors that are simply breathtaking! It is for this reason that most celebrity fanatics would die to get a fraction of a glimpse into these beautiful homes and possibly borrow one or two design ideas for their own homes.

One of the design marvels that have sparked intense interest in many is the fact that celebrities’ home setups utilize simple yet well-thought-out concepts such as the sliding barn doors, a concept that was traditionally only applicable in commercial heavy-duty structures.

Owing to their high liquidity, celebrities have been known to afford just about anything on their bucket list, including fancy homes. Their huge financial muscles also place them in a better negotiation position as far as access to top designers and other famed architectural masterminds are concerned. As a result, they can easily modify their home designs as and when they please.

Additionally, most celebrity homes are gigantic spaces that allow them to play around with multiple design concepts without having to exhaust their preferences.

Popular concepts to emulate from celebrities’ homes

  • Outdoor dining spaces: Most spaces are stylishly set up patios graced with exotic tables to spruce up the overall dining experience. A noticeable aspect here is the skewed preference towards weatherproof furniture, making the dining experience easily adaptable and the furniture themselves durable even under adverse weather conditions
  • Outdoor entertaining spaces: These may be more or less similar to the outdoor dining spaces with minor variations in form of additional features, such as fire pits, outdoor living rooms, theme gardens, built-in benches for seating, as well as a built-in BBQ. Needless to say, celebrities attract huge pools of people, hence needing expansive spaces
  • Color palettes: Different celebrities prefer attuning their spaces to different color palettes. While some may go for the popular warm and cool color palettes, others still prefer more complex blending options just to keep their spaces in sync with their own personal beliefs or according to what their fan base dictates
  • Working desks: Most celebrity homes feature exotic desks as working spaces, especially when working from the comfort of their homes. There is a great correlation between productive work and working space. You can therefore imagine how much celebrities treasure their optics out there and get a good picture of their working space designs. Some of these working spaces have been nestled within their stunning home libraries, stocked with multitudinous book options
  • Kitchen spaces: As you may have guessed, this is where most celebrities like to entertain their guests while preparing food. Interestingly, some even film the entire cookery process to upload on their fan pages. Modern lighting fixtures and countertops play a fundamental role in producing excellent finishes in these kitchen spaces. Most lighting preferences are now shifting from the conventional living room and bedrooms to the kitchen space.
  • Art: Over and above setting up private theatres within their homes, celebrities have been known to be suckers for bespoke wall arts, creatively highlighting their humorous side. Some like to collect souvenirs in form of art pieces and you would be amazed at the collections in these celebrities’ homes.
  • Recreational fun: Some celebrities like to go full-blown on the fun. From infinity pools to sunbathing to in-house nightclubs, they would never find a reason to entertain boredom. Others go as far as installing bowling alleys, wine mines, water parks, not forgetting expansive vineyards outdoors just for the fun of it.

Clearly, these are all mind-boggling ideas to emulate. Howbeit, always be budget-sensitive to avoid blowing your purse. That should inspire your “why” before emulating.

During the COVID-19 triggered isolation, most celebrities have ventured into quarantine cooking and afforded many curious minds a sneak peek into their homes, especially their kitchen designs.