As technology gains more influence with each passing day, investors and entrepreneurs must always be looking towards the future so as not to be left behind. Adapting to the ever-changing marketplace has never been more important. While the pandemic may have turned the world on its head, tech guru Pasqualino Mazza assures the public that the answers to future growth are already here.

Investing in Upcoming Technologies? Insight You Can Trust from Tech Guru Pasqualino Mazza

Remote Tech is the New Gold Rush

The pandemic took everyone out of the comfort of their time-tested circumstances, but what many don’t see is that remote tech can provide businesses with a golden opportunity to be more agile. Says CEO Pasqualino Mazza, “Remote working is not a temporary solution — it is the new Gold Rush. Companies can be in a million places at once, and with workers being able to work from anywhere, it lends itself to a wealth of new growth opportunities. The key is striking while the iron is hot.”

The new normal of remote work should also provide an obvious path for investors looking to grow their portfolios with emerging tech opportunities. Pasqualino Mazza stresses the importance of embracing the remote lifestyle in the market as well.

Investing in the Right Areas Can Generate Huge Gains

“Anything having to do with being online and being remote is a surefire hit for investors in 2021. Work from home software and online meeting tools are the most obvious growers right now, but it is important to look at the bigger picture. Home delivery services, online courses, and even loungewear have all seen unprecedented growth during this time, so investing in those areas could mean huge gains.”

Pasqualino Mazza also stresses the importance of embracing cloud services and blockchain technology to ensure that businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Use Remote Ecosystem to Grow Ad Spends

With brick and mortar having already been trending down for the last few decades, the remote boom ignited by the pandemic should be the final straw for businesses and investors. Pasqualino Mazza advises that by cutting brick and mortar out of the equation and moving stores online, business owners can eviscerate overhead and use the extra revenue to grow their brands digitally through ad spending.

“Moving businesses online has never been more advantageous than it is right now. Our behaviors have simply changed, and retailers need to accept that. The days of testing our products in stores are swiftly going away, so retailers might as well save on overhead and use ads to grow their market share.”

Mazza sees Amazon as the blueprint for the future but stresses that their growth is two-fold. With Amazon Web Services and their reliance on online ads providing massive revenue streams, it’s something that businesses and investors can learn from in 2021 and beyond.

Pasqualino Mazza Brings Reliable Insight for Modern Investors

Having spent time at the top of the likes of Google and Microsoft, Pasqualino Mazza has acted as a sought-after consultant to more than 30 public companies and has been featured in numerous major global publications. Pasqualino Mazza has addressed thousands of business leaders in seminars across North America. His insights and coachings have been called “one of a kind” by Bloomberg.