Waze recently announced new available features for the app, including a partnership with Spotify.

With this new update, users can play their Spotify playlists while using Waze without going in and out of the apps. Users also can get driving instructions directly from the Spotify app. According to a statement published on Waze’s website, these new features will be available to Android users in the next weeks, while iOS users will have to wait a little more to enjoy the new update.

Waze, Spotify
Spotify will now support Waze integration. Image credit: Waze.

How can Waze and Spotify be friends?

Users will be able to navigate with Waze within Spotify, access their Spotify playlists while using Waze, and they will have the possibility of switching between apps only when it detects that the car has stopped completely. Users using Waze will see the map and the driving instructions, but they will also have a Spotify icon on the top of the screen. If the user touches this icon, they will see the song that is playing and will be able to control the playlist.

Waze, Spotify
“Get ready for that daily commute, upcoming cross-country road trip, weekend getaway – or even traffic jam – to turn way up,” said the statement published Tuesday. Image credit: Waze.

On the other hand, Spotify users will see the classic drive mode screen, but at the top, they will see a blue bar with the Waze icon and the next driving directions.

Waze told Techcrunch that Spotify is the first and only partner for this kind of app integration for now. So, at the moment they are not trying to make an agreement with other mobile music services as Apple Music or Google Play, for example.

Although Google acquired Waze in 2013, Waze decided to take this big step with Spotify instead of Google’s music service. Maybe this decision was made after watching that Spotify has 100 million users right now, being the first streaming app in the world. Also, working with Spotify allows them to reach not only Android phones but iOS devices.

Waze didn’t talk about the possibility of having new partnerships in the close future, but experts are already talking about potential alliances between Waze and location apps like Foursquare to chose a restaurant without going out of the app.

For Spotify, this is not the first time they work together with another app. They are already working with Uber to lets riders control the music on the car, also they recently announced their alliance with Tinder to allows users to share their music taste.

Source: Techcrunch