A Charlie Brown Christmas is making tonight its anticipated yearly debut on ABC for anyone who is yet to watch this family-friendly special.

The special highlights the start of 2016’s holiday season. It will air tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For those who have chosen to leave behind cable TV, the show will also be live-streamed on ABC’s website and app. Viewers will have to possess a TV provider account to watch the Charlie Brow special online.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
A Charlie Brown Christmas. Image credit: CBS.

A holiday classic featuring Charlie Brown

Released in 1965 and authored by Charles Schulz, A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the many classic TV shows that America cannot let go whenever holiday season makes its arrival.

Charlie Brown goes through a holiday disbelief phase, where he appears depressed even when there are times of joy and caring for others. Charlie confesses to Linus that he feels that Christmas has been way too commercialized, which obscures the true meaning of the holiday. Lucy suggests him to direct a school Christmas play, but after realizing that the kids have a different idea of Christmas, Charlie heads to find a Christmas tree for the play. After he arrives, Charlie is ridiculed by the other children for bringing a small sapling, which leaves him at dismay about what people believe Christmas is about.

After Linus recites to Charlie the annunciation of the shepherds from the Bible, Charlie regains some confidence and heads home with the tree to decorate it for the play. Later, Snoopy appears and alongside Linus and the other children, they end up lifting Charlie’s mood with a warm rendition of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”

The special was written by Schulz with his childhood memories in mind. He mixed school plays with music and Christmas carols, and all with a clear Biblical background.

The short movie’s soundtrack is also cherished as a holiday classic, where the Vince Guaraldi Trie was responsible for creating the jazz arrangements of the songs present during the special, also composing “Linus and Lucy” as the main theme.

To watch A Charlie Brown Christmas online, you can also go to ABC’s website tonight at 8 p.m. and log in with your TV credentials. With the same requirements, users can also use the ABC app to watch the special.

Although nothing beats gathering the family in front of the TV to watch the special, one could just open the YouTube app on one of the many smart devices that reside in our households and watch the movie in 1080p high-definition. This is a great option for those outside the U.S., which are not allowed to enjoy ABC’s app content:

Source: Mic