Speech to text software is an incredible development that has several benefits. It can have several applications that can be used in many scenarios. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredibly vital reasons we should think about using speech to text software.


Vital Reasons to Use Speech to Text Software

Quick Records

In the not too distant past, there would often be a designated minute secretary in every business meeting. They would be responsible for taking down a detailed record of matters discussed. This could then be formally written up and distributed to those who had been at the meeting, but it would have all taken time. What’s more, minute takers often wrote in shorthand, making it very difficult to read the raw notes if they did not know the shorthand you use.

Speech to text software, on the other hand, allows for accurate notes to be taken quickly. The right software is able to take down notes like those in the meeting speak. These notes can be a simple transcript or they can be more detailed. After that, they can be distributed to everyone who needs them, meaning that complete and detailed records are immediately available.


Some people prefer to dictate their writing rather than sit hunched over a keyboard for hours on end. At the end of the day, speech to text software is currently much faster than a human typist. If a high-quality speech to text software is used, it could generate manuscripts much faster.

For example, most skilled typists can achieve speeds of approximately 60-80 words a minute over a sustained period – usually resulting in about 500-1000 words in half an hour. This can easily be tripled with the right software. If an author has an important deadline to meet, they might prefer to sit down and work things out vocally, knowing that the software will pick them up. This means that writing as a whole can be done in a more efficient time.

It can also be used for a sudden burst of inspiration at any moment. Sometimes, we might think of something that can be added to our writing at any moment – in the car or just going about our daily lives – and using voice transcription allows us to get the excerpt written before the brainwave is gone. With deadlines for both fiction and non-fiction pieces looming, small changes like this are incredibly important. Being able to get the small brain waves down in text could make all the difference when writing a piece like this.

Writing Hands-Free

There are many reasons why someone might want to write hands-free. They might prefer to pace or move about while they are writing, or they would prefer to write on the go whenever they have a chance. If one of the worst places for them to work on their craft is sitting at a desk just typing or scribbling on a pad, it can be incredibly unproductive for them and can therefore take much longer than it should.

One also has to consider those without hands or those who are unable to use theirs. By having a good voice transcription software to use, they will be able to continue to write and enjoy a hobby they have loved for so long or even continue the career that is their main source of income.

Minimize Injury

Many of us don’t consider that we can be injured just going about our daily lives. However, there is a small chance of injury even for something as simple as typing. If you constantly spend time typing away on your keyboard for hours on end, you could develop a repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel.

This is due to the repetitive actions from typing, plus the fact that you are putting pressure on certain parts of your wrist or arm for hours on end with little change. This is not the best for localized physical health, but it can easily be avoided by moving while typing and using a voice to text recognition software to take better notes.

Invest in Speech to Text Software Today

Voice to text transcription has so many uses, and it can really change the way many handle content generation. Even if you are able to use a keyboard, you should maybe take a look at speech to text software as it could really revolutionize the way you handle writing. This craft does not need to be made hunched over a keyboard working on something endlessly. You can now create your best piece without even having to be anywhere near a pen or a keyboard.

Explore what speech to text software could offer you now. There are so many applications beyond the ones that are listed here, and they could have some amazing results for anyone who spends a lot of time writing.