Climate change views may considerably differ depending on political preferences, according to a new study by Yale and George Mason University, issued Wednesday. Most supporters of the Democratic and Republican candidates think global warming is real, except former voters of Ted Cruz.

93 percent of supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders think global warming is happening while 92 percent of Hillary Clinton advocates sustaining the same idea. Ted Cruz, former presidential candidate for the Republican Party, remained in the last place in that category. Just 38 percent of his followers acknowledged climate change.

Climate change views may considerably differ depending on political preferences. Photo credit:
Climate change views may considerably differ depending on political preferences. Photo credit:

Research on global warming and the U.S. presidential election was conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. A detailed paper with findings was published Wednesday.

Followers of the Democratic Party, demonstrate a larger tendency to recognize that global warming is majorly caused by human activities (79 percent of Sanders supporters and 76% of Clinton supporters). By contrast, partisans of Republican candidates think it is caused mostly by natural changes in the environment (55 percent of Trump supporters).  

“Fewer than half of any candidate’s supporters are aware that virtually all climate scientists have concluded human-caused global warming is happening. Fewer than half of the Republican candidates’ supporters are very or somewhat worried about global warming,” said researchers in the paper.

At the same time, supporters of both parties would vote for a presidential candidate who seeks to take action against global warming. The latter is considered a relevant subject among voters. However, it was only presented as the most important issue by 2 percent of people surveyed.

Should the United States reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of what other countries do?

59 percent of Bernie Sanders voters claim that global warming is very important. Donald Trump voters are less convinced about that idea. 18 percent of them, are likely to classify global warming among the 23 most important issues.

Energy policies are accepted by most of the registered voters. Measures to reduce carbon pollution and dependence on fossil fuels are validated in order to impulse clean energy. 93 and 91 percent of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters,respectively, back up more research into renewable energy sources.

More than 90 percent of Democratic voters think the government should provide tax rebates to people who purchase electric vehicles or solar panels. Almost the same amount of voters think that carbon dioxide emissions should be strictly limited, in order to reduce global warming and enhance public health.

76 percent of Hillary Clinton voters say the United States should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, even when other countries take different paths. Nearly half of Donald Trump followers agree with that while 90 percent of Bernie Sanders voters like the idea.

“Every child and every family in America deserves clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a safe and healthy place to live. This a justice issue. It’s a civil rights issue. And as president, it will be a national priority for us.” wrote Clinton in her official website.

Source: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication