Game industry developers exposed gaming updates during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is an annual event for the video game industry.

The game industry expo takes place in Los Angeles, California, in which game developers show and advertise the most recent updates of their franchises. This year’s E3 began on Monday, June 13. This time, the game industry showed its immersion into Virtual Reality (VR).

VR devices have surely stolen the show all through many events along this 2016, one of them being the E3. Image Credit: CNET
VR devices have surely stolen the show all through many events along 2016, one of them being the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Image Credit: CNET

Game developers revealed the very first cluster of video games pointing at the VR platform. With VR headsets, users could plunge into fantasy worlds, command starships and battle creatures before seen as distant characters displayed on the screens.

According to the chief executive officer and founder of Digital World Research, P.J. McNealy, the game industry has already adopted hardware and software including VR technology and it has been indeed revealed at this year’s E3.

“This is clearly the coming-out party for VR. The interest is there, the hardware is coming to market, and the content developers are figuring out how to take advantage of it,” said McNealy when interviewed. 

Virtual reality in video game franchises

Some video games franchises have unveiled their VR upcoming games and accessories. Sony presented its PlayStation VR headset that will be available in the market from October. The VR device will cost US$399. By the end of the year, users could enjoy of fifty games, in which VR versions of blockbuster franchises Resident Evil 7 and Batman will be included.

Because of Sony developers are aware of the fact that not everybody will like the use of headsets while playing, the company is already developing console games to be adapted into a VR environment.

Microsoft Corp announced gamers that VR support for Xbox will be ready for the 2017 holiday season. Xbox Product Manager, Priscila Cordero, said that the company has always designed gaming updates considering the need and preferences of customers.

“We always seek what the gamers look for in general and virtual reality is entering this area, such as Xbox, we are very open to understand the best way to do it and we have a good partnership with Oculus in PC,” said Xbox Product Manager Ms. Cordero.

Also, the company revealed that the HoloLens augmented reality glasses are on their way.

Several game industry developers are skeptical about the VR platform

Even if VR may mean a more realistic experience for gamers, several game developers doubt about the success of such expensive technology. Some gaming franchises are not sure if customers could afford VR headsets after investing in a gaming console. They argue that some could pay for it, but it is uncertain if every gamer will do that.

Source: The Star