San Francisco- The Game Developers Choice Awards were celebrated on March 16th at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The independent game Her Story went home with five awards.

Sam Barlow is a video game director, writer, and designer known for games such as Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Barlow previously worked at Climax Studios as a game director but in 2014, he left the company to begin his career as an independent game developer. The decision resulted in the writing and designing of the game ‘Her Story’.

The latter title was particularly influenced by psychology, with much of the game being set in a psychiatrist’s office. Credit: jackgyarwood

‘Her Story’ is a crime fiction game with a non-linear storytelling, the player revolves around a police database with full of live action video footage. Starring the actress Viva Seifert who plays the role of Hannah Smith.

Hannah is the wife of a missing man whose search is being held by the police. The player will need to investigate throughout the detective’s database to confirm if Hannah or anyone else is guilty.

The interactive movie game focuses on a series of seven fictional police interviews from 1994, the player will be presented with the old desktop that contains files and programs. The game also allows players to search keywords to find files that could lead to the solution of the case.

“Make the game you want to make, make stupid ideas, extreme ideas. Do things that only you would enjoy” Said creator Sam Barlow while accepting one of his five awards of the night.

The indie game won best narrative and the Innovation award categories at the Game Developers Choice Awards and at the Independent Games Festival Awards. Both celebrated the same day in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference industry convention

Even though Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took home the game of the year at the Game Developers Choice Awards, Her Story took the price of the year at the Independent Games Festival with an award of $30,000.

Barlow has also confirmed a sequel to the game was in development under the title “Her Story 2” and according to the creator, it will be a spiritual successor to the first game.

Her Story is available for both Microsoft Windows OS X and iOS players.

Source: Tech Times