A video of a weird-looking figure or creature swimming in a river of Alaska was released and have people confused and amazed. Some believe it could be either a relative of the Loch Ness Monster or the Loch Ness creature itself.

Craig McCaa, a worker from the Bureau of Land Management, saw this on October 18th and decided to film it. The thing appeared in the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Alaskan "Nessie." Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management Alaska / Elite Daily
The Alaskan “Nessie.” Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management Alaska / Elite Daily

He said that at first he thought it was just some rope covered in ice, but as it started moving, it amazed him. It is approximately 15 feet long, but it never fully revealed itself, so there are no definite conclusions.

The video posted on Facebook has been seen more than hundreds of thousand of times – around of 328,000 to be more precise – and although some are excited this could mean “Nessie” actually does exist, other people do not believe it at all. They say it could be a big branch or a clump of weeds.

Klaus Wuttig, the management biologist from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, forms part of this group of people. He says he does not see anything bizarre in the images. He believes it is just a rope with loose pieces and the ice that is covering it made it rise to the surface. So it looks like it is moving, but it is rather stationary and wading in the current, as reported by Mirror UK.

The Legend of Nessie

The name of Nessie comes from a common legend that consists in the existence of a monster in the waters of Britain. The appearance seems to be of a giant sea creature, looking like a prehistoric aquatic being. The story takes place in the Loch Ness, which gives the name “Nessie” to this mysterious animal.

What is happening with the footage from Alaska, also happened to the Loch Ness monster itself. It was discovered a long time ago, and the so-called proofs of its existence were merely pictures of what seemed to be a part of the creature, and some people´s testimony on what they thought seeing.

Science-based evidence was never found on this topic, which is why Nessie became a legend. But, there are still many people who believe in its existence. They even have web pages and investigations running on this matter, like the case of the Nessie.co.uk site.

The most imaginative people think this could be Alaska’s own Loch Ness Monster, while others, more pragmatic, believe that such a creature does not exist and the video is just showing some frozen algae or ropes in the water.

Source: Today