Veganism is the practice of completely reducing animal by-products of any kind, and only consuming a plant-based diet. However, this lifestyle change can seem incredibly intimidating for many vegetarians, as transitioning your diet to only plant-based can seem easier said than done. Luckily, there are a ton of easy ways to make this change without feeling deprived. Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you become a vegan in no time at all.

Vegan Plant Based Diet

Reach for other types of fat

Chances are when you’re craving dairy products, you most likely just need to up your intake of fat. Healthy fat is important for nourishing your muscles, skin, and brain, but dairy-based fat can be very unhealthy. There are a variety of different healthy fats to stock up on instead, such as nut and seed butter, avocados, and coconuts. So next time a craving for ice cream or a nice piece of cheese hits you, reach for some nut butter and sliced fruits and veggies for a wholesome snack.

Experiment with plant-based milk

Milk is the staple for many different vegetarian diets, and it can easily be swapped out with some plant-based milk for the same creamy consistency you’re looking for. But not all plant-based kinds of milk are created equally, so it pays to experiment with what ones you’re drawn to the most. There’s almond, oat, cashew, rice milk, hemp milk, or even soy milk to choose from, each with its own distinct taste.

Invest in new cookbooks

A big hurdle to becoming vegan can simply be the fact that you’re not knowledgeable on different recipes. Making this transition blind can be incredibly overwhelming if you’re not sure how to make three square meals a day, so investing in some cookbooks is an easy way to bypass this. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors and ingredients you’re not used to, as you’ll never know where you can find your next favorite meal.

Balance your diet with supplements

It doesn’t hurt to balance your diet with some nutritional supplements when you are making the transition from vegetarian to vegan. This is because sometimes when you are experimenting with foods, you may miss out on some important nutrients once in a while. There are plenty of supplement manufacturers, such as Makers Nutrition, that offer vitamins and supplements to improve and enhance any diet.

Go cold turkey on the cheese

The easiest way to give up cheese altogether is to just eliminate it from your diet completely. Go at least a month without any vegan cheese so you can reset your body and eliminate all cravings for animal-based cheese. Then once you are ready, dabble in some vegan cheeses. Be prepared, though, as vegan cheeses may not be for everyone. With some experimentation, though, you’ll be able to find a cheese that suits your palate.

Lean on egg replacements

There are tons of different plant-based egg replacements that can get you back to eating omelets and baking in no time at all. During the first few weeks when you are transitioning your diet, lean on these egg replacements for your meals so you will still feel that you’re not missing out on good flavors.

No matter your reasoning for becoming a vegetarian, it is no secret that eliminating animal by-products can enhance your health and well being. But despite removing all meat, fish, and poultry from your diet, you may still be consuming some kind of animal product like cheese, eggs, and even honey (check out the honey diet). Going vegan is a healthy step forward that requires great effort. And following the tips mentioned above, you can make your transition to veganism smooth and stress-free.