Eco Friendly Grocery Bags

The Canvas Bag is Practical and Environmentally Friendly

Protecting and preserving our environment is something that we need to take seriously in order for our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come to have a safe place to live.


All too often people forget that everything we do leaves some sort of footprint on the environment and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we minimize those footprints as much as possible. There are things we can do on a daily basis to do our part in protecting our environment such as walking instead of driving, make our homes more energy efficient, conserve our use of water whenever we can, recycling our trash and buying products that are environmentally friendly like a reusable canvas bag.

It’s also important for us to remember that we are not the only living beings that are here on this earth. We share this planet with millions of different species of animals and they too are affected by the products we use. An estimated one million birds and around one hundred thousand sea turtles die each year from plastic that they digest. When the plastic bags end up in the ocean, animals mistake the plastic for something to eat, and they die.

These types of bags were first introduced by grocery stores and they offered consumers an alternative to the traditional paper or plastic bags. They were not very popular at first but as the new trend starting to catch on you saw more and more people using them.

The canvas bag was displayed in the grocery stores and was typically offered between one and two dollars so they were affordable for everyone. Made of lightweight material and easy to grip handles these bags were not only priced reasonably but they were practical as well. Before we knew it these bags were popping up in retail stores of all kinds.

At first, they were usually just blue, black or green and then we started seeing them in many different sizes from small to medium to large to extra-large. The fashion industry also took notice to the canvas bag trend and we saw that they were making them in almost every color imaginable with different prints to match any outfit that you could possibly think of.

Consumers also started to notice that these types of bags were not only good to use at the grocery store but they were worked well for many other purposes like a bag to put your gym clothes in, an overnight bag or just a bag to keep in your car for your emergency items.

You can now find these bags everywhere in stores and even online. You can have them custom made for your organization or just have them personalized with your name on them. They can be used for a promotional item for your company or used for everyday things around the house. If you have ever thought about starting a business that is not only profitable but is good for the environment at the same time, this might be just the thing for you.

You can purchase wholesale canvas bags at a very cheap price and resale them. You can start your own online company that you can operate in your spare time or you can purchase wholesale canvas bags and then resale them in bulk to retailers. Either way, you decide to run with it you are sure to have a profitable business and you can rest easy at night knowing that you are doing your part to help protect the environment.

If you don’t know where to get these types of bags you can start your search on the internet. You will notice that a lot of suppliers are going to be from overseas and they will usually have the cheapest price but you have to make sure the quality is up to standard. The reason they are able to make them for such a cheaper price than everyone else is that they will use cheap materials. It’s a good idea to just order a few bags at first to do a quality check and then if it is good you can make your big wholesale purchase.