Snapchat updated its mobile app on Tuesday by redesigning its Stories and Discover page, a feature in which users collect photos and videos at events. This new change will help publishers or channels to advertise their most important headlines and illustrate them with pictures.

After the last several complaints Snapchat has received by its publishers, this app has changed not only its Discover and Live Stories page, but also its entire concept. Now Snapchat will not only be a social network for just communicating. This app will help the publisher to advertise more quickly.

Snapchat 2.0
A new version of Snapchat has come, and it is taking online conversations to a whole new level. Photo credit: Reuters / Engadget

Moreover, with this new update users will have the option to subscribe to the editors’ accounts, and see the publishers’ stories, the writers’ content will remain in a separate section of the app. This is a new feature that it is expected to help increase ad revenue for both, the publishers and Snapchat.

How will this new Snapchat update help its publishers?

As part of a revenue program the mobile app, Snapchat have agreed to sell ads required by media brands such as CNN and MTV. However, a lot of publishers have recently complained that they just receive a small fraction of Snapchat’s traffic. While 150 million people visit Snapchat daily, the channels showed in Discovery page may only receive 1 million views a day, and this is because people primarily use the app to communicate rather than to visit channels like Youtube or other social Medias.

This reason made Snapchat change its mind and redesign Discover and Live Story by drawing users’ attention to the publisher’s content. It is expected to help increase audiences.

According to Oren Katzeff, head of programming at Tastemade he said to Adweek that with this new change, it will take things to the next level in actually allowing us to showcase a little bit of a teaser of the look and feel of what’s to come in that edition.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, Snapchat added a “subscribe” button in publisher’s accounts to help them to grow audiences. The user will only need to press down a finger at the end of a story or daily edition.

“You get the traditional media homepage where discovery is driven by popular topics or clever headlines, and then you also have this new feature that makes it more subscription driven—so more akin to a social feed,” said Peer Schneider, GM and co-founder of IGN.

Source: Add Week