Snapchat just released a new filter that allows users to face swap with images in their camera roll. You just need to swipe the filters until you find the “Face-Swap From Camera Roll” lens, which contains a purple circle with a smiley face. Then the app will proceed to review your pictures and display all of the options you can use for the filter.

The filter is now available on iOS but it is yet to be released on the Android platform. Credit: PC Advisor

Face-swapping and re-playing

The update probably stems from wanting to cushion the Bob Marley filter that was released earlier this week, which was found to be offensive by many users. The filter, released to celebrate 4/20, let the person to record himself with cartoon dreadlocks and a rasta hat. In addition to the new filters, Snapchat now does not charge for replays.

Since September of last year, Snapchat started to charge 99 cents for replaying up to 3 snaps. The measure didn’t turn out to be effective, as users weren’t inclined to pay any sort of money to the company as they also had to take down the Lens store. Now replays in Snapchat are free of charge. Although Snapchat has ceased to charge for their lenses and replays, they are still expected to make plenty of profit thanks to their sponsored lenses and its native ads that every user must be exposed to.

Snapchat also recently released Live Stories, a feature that allows users to share photos and videos of a live event, charging two cents per view on a 10-second advertisement video. Snapchat Live Stories has proven to be an exciting and lucrative idea as the company has been developing the methods of curating content for its publication.

The new filter allows you to face swap with nearly any picture you can imagine that has a face. You can download the image of a mask in your phone, perhaps a photo of a Game of Thrones character, or maybe even surprise your contacts by sending them a speech by face swapping yourself with Donald Trump.

After you select the new lens, the eligible images will pop up. Note that Snapchat will only choose those that have a face in it. Users report that this particular feature is not very reliable since the row of images will crash if you scroll too fast, but it still gets the job done if you get a decent set of pictures.

Source: PC Mag