When people are addicted to drugs, they seldom think of addiction as leading to anything good.  But in many cases, drug addiction is a symptom of a much larger problem: an underlying emotional or mental health issue.  That’s why when someone looks for a drug rehabilitation center, it’s important to consider what type of addiction aftercare is provided once they graduate from a residential treatment center.

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It’s Not Enough to Just Go through Rehab

Residential treatment centers are great for detox and rehab, but without good aftercare addiction treatment services, the person who was addicted may backslide into their old habits. Without addiction aftercare, the same situations that caused the problem before the person seeking help in a drug rehabilitation center are still in place. That’s why it’s so important to look for a drug rehabilitation center that has excellent aftercare addiction treatment services.

Rehab Is Just the Beginning

It’s important for the addict to realize that rehab is just the beginning of their treatment.  The body is no longer dependent on the substance following detox, but their minds are still very much addicted. Working through addictions and the reasons behind addiction takes time, and while the initial rehab may take weeks or months, the follow-up rehab is just as important as detox and inpatient treatment.  That’s why addiction aftercare is so important. It should be a major part of any addict’s treatment plan to ensure a successful treatment. Without it, it’s very hard for addicts to overcome the triggers within their lives that caused them to abuse substances in the first place.

It’s not a Crutch; it’s a Foundation

Going through a non 12 step rehab isn’t a bandage or crutch; it’s a foundation for the future. What sends people into addiction isn’t a character flaw, but rather a problem that can’t be dealt with all alone. In rehab, the addict learns coping mechanisms that help them deal with the problems they face in everyday life. Because the foundation is new, it’s important for the newly recovered addict to have excellent aftercare addiction treatment services along with their rehab. With addiction aftercare, the person isn’t alone. Instead, the treatment services build on the valuable lessons learned in rehab so the former addict can apply them in the real world.

Addicts Are Individuals

At non 12 step programs, they understand that addicts are individuals. What drove addiction patients to be substance abusers is as varied as the individuals, themselves.  That’s why many non 12 step programs offer a customized treatment and aftercare plan to help their patients rid themselves of their addiction for good.  They know it’s hard to fight an addiction, which is why they offer many different programs that work toward healing both the body, the soul, and the mind.