On Saturday, Donald Trump condemned the protests and events that took place as he was about to start his rally on Friday but it was canceled only 30 minutes before starting. Trump alleged that the events were a planned attack that was professionally done, yet it only was a disturbance occurrence between protesters and Trump supporters.

There were hundreds of protesters crowded inside the University of Illinois at Chicago venue for the Republican presidential candidate rally, yet it all ended breaking out in a disturbance causing Secret Service agents to jump on stage securing the candidate.

Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP
Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP

Trump has been gaining momentum as he has taken advantage of the hundreds of protesters who show up to his rallies in order to criticize him or boycott the gathering. He says that having protesters in his rallies make them fun, as he is no stranger to yelling and mocking liberals.

Apparently, rallies for the frontrunner in the Republican presidential race in Chicago have become the battle arena for Trump supporters and protesters with increasingly heated and even violent confrontations. A journalist who was at the Donald Trump’s rally on Friday is claiming he was arrested for simply doing his job, according to CBS.

Trump Supporters vs. Protesters

Due to the increasingly violent protesters, the rally had to be postponed for security reasons and protesters can now expect a much secured and controlled gathering as security has been tightened. The purpose for this is to prevent previous altercations were five people were arrested and two officers were injured due to the protesters’ clashes at the University of Illinois in Chicago, according to police officials.

Although Trump supporters are clearly able to defend the Republican presidential candidate, other Republican candidates are condemning him for the recent events saying his rhetoric set the stage for the turmoil in Chicago. Republican candidates have disagreed with Trump’s policies almost since the beginning of the campaign, however, it could also be a strategic move as hi is the Republican race’s frontrunner as of now.

“Donald Trump has created a toxic environment,” said John Kasich on an interview with USA Today. “There is no place for a national leader to play on the fears of our people.”

Source: The Washington Post