Donald Trump said Thursday in a speech he would only accept the results of the election if he becomes President of the U.S.  He made a considerable effort to fill the moment with suspense and impact as he announced he might file a legal challenge if Hillary Clinton wins.

During a campaign rally at Delaware County Fair in Ohio, he described that scenario as a “questionable result,” which clearly shows the legitimacy of the electoral process is something he does not believe in… unless he wins, of course. And he seems sure that he will, or that is what he appeared to be when he repeatedly said he and his supporters were going to win “so big” on November 8.

Donald Trump
Republican candidate Donald Trump at the third presidential debate held on October 19, 2016, at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Image credit: Jim Lo Scalzo.

Trump has repeatedly said over the past few weeks that the presidential race is rigged in Clinton’s favor, which led debate moderator Chris Wallace to ask him Wednesday night if he would accept the results on Election night. The billionaire replayed he would “look at it at the time,” refusing to give a clear answer.

He then said, “I’ll keep you in suspense.” This response sparked outrage among Republicans and Democrats alike. It seems like he wanted to wait until he was ready to offer a stunning announcement on the matter.

“I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win,” Trump told supporters Thursday, according to footage by CNN.

Trump: Hillary Clinton is ‘capable of anything’

The main reason why he thinks the election might be rigged is that deceased people and immigrants in the U.S. are reportedly set to cast votes against him. Trump also believes officials throughout the country may be colluding against his campaign.

At Thursday rally, he said Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta wrote in staff emails recently leaked to the public that immigrants in the country only needed driver’s licenses to vote illegally, as reported by Los Angeles Times. Also, Trump claimed that the Democratic nominee paid citizens to “incite bedlam” at his rallies. He described Clinton as a candidate capable of committing voter fraud.

Presidential debate
While cases of voter fraud are extremely rare in the United States, the GOP candidate pledged to accept the election result if it turned out to be “clear.” Image credit: EFE/Mark Ralston.

“Of course, I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result,” Trump announced. “And always, I will follow and abide by all of the rules and traditions of all of the many candidates who have come before me. Always.”

He said his doubts had nothing to do with him as a candidate but with America’s future, CNN reported. Another part of his conspiracy theory involves the nearly dozen women who have come forward in the past week to claim the billionaire had sexually assaulted them. The Trump campaign released prepared remarks after he finished his speech. The alternate text of his pledge to accept the election result if he wins read:

“I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the United States, that when the results come in on election night, I will accept — without delay or hesitation — the concession speech of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Obama says Trump’s comments undermine America’s democracy

During a speech at a rally in Miami, President Barack Obama mentioned Trump’s comments about the legitimacy of the election results. He rejected the idea that such a large country would allow a manipulated election and criticized the GOP candidate for even suggesting there was a rigged system, according to a report by NBC Miami.

United States President Barack Obama speaks at a Hillary Clinton’s campaign event held on October 20, 2016, at Miami Gardens, Florida.

“When you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about our elections, that undermines our democracy,” Mr. Obama sentenced, according to footage by NBC. “You’re doing the work of our adversaries for them.”

He made it clear that Trump’s goal was to weaken the country, but said he and the Clinton campaign were confident the American public would vote for a clear mandate and an undeniable victory in Clinton’s favor.

The president gave a speech about his signature health care policy in Miami-Dade College’s Wolfson Campus, where he claimed that the uninsured rate has not ever been lower than it is today.

Source: CNN