The week-long US-Russia brokered-truce to a ceasefire in Syria has failed after both sides violated the terms of the agreement. Rebels accused the Syrian government of blocking humanitarian aid to their areas, and the government accuses its opposition and terrorist groups of taking advantage of the ceasefire.

The truce was agreed to last one week but on Monday it is still unknown if the ceasefire will continue despite its fractured conditions. The brokered truce came into effect on September 12. The terms included humanitarian aid for both parties and conversations between Russia and the Unites States to coordinate a center to plan military strikes against the Islamic State group and an al-Qaeda linked faction.

The Syrian military has said the rebels attacked their troops and innocent civilians. Image Credit:

But since the beginning of the ceasefire, both sides, the Syrian military, and the rebels, have denounced violations of the agreement, including blocking aid trucks to certain areas and open fire in other regions. Tensions seriously threaten the truce when a U.S. strike accidently hit Assad’s troops in an attempt to strike one of the terrorist groups.

For the Syrian government and opposition activist in the country, the truce has ended, but for the U.S and Russia, there is still chance to save the situation. Both countries have revealed their intentions to prolong the ceasefire. A difficult thing to arrange since there have been significant violations from both sides.

The most criticized abuse reported by the opposition is that the government failed to open roads for aid for the troops fighting against Assad’s regime. George Sabra, of the opposition High Negotiations Committee, told the Associated Press on Monday that the truce has repeatedly been violated and did not succeed in its primary objective: Humanitarian aid for both parties.

What the opposition says and what Syria and allies say

Nour el-Din el-Zinki, one of the major rebel groups in Syria said Russia and Iran, another major ally of President Assad, are responsible for the failure of the week-long ceasefire.

“The regime of Bashar Assad had no real intention to commit to the truce. Instead, it worked to undermine it with organized violations during the week as well as preventing aid from reaching Aleppo.” The group said in a statement sent to reporters.

Sabra stated people in Aleppo are waiting for the truce to allow aid to enter the city. He added there are aid trucks still waiting on the Turkey-Syria border. Sabra believes the brokered agreement is “clinically dead.”

The United Nations has accused the Syrian government of obstructing the delivery of aid resources, which include medicines, food, and tools to fix the water supply in the city. Russian officials said the rebels opened fire at the delivery roads.

On Monday an aid convoy with U.N. participants was hit in Uram al-Kubra when it tried to reach rebel areas in Aleppo. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack. The convoy was operated by the Syrian Red Crescent and was destined for a rebel-held area in Aleppo. Airstrikes hit the convoy after warplanes resume their activities in the city.

The attack on Syrian troops was immediately halted after Russia noticed the Syrian military was being hit. Image Credit: Yahoo News

The Syrian military blames the rebel groups of the truce failure. The military command stated the ceasefire was intended to be a real chance to stop the bloodshed, but the armed terrorist groups did not take it seriously. According to the command the armed opposition, which for Damascus are all terrorists, did not commit to any of the articles of the agreement.

The Syrian military command added the armed terrorist groups took advantage of the declared truce and mobilized troops and weapons and regrouped to continue its attacks on civilian and military areas.

Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military’s General Staff stated earlier Monday in a briefing that Damascus had fulfilled its obligations. Rudskoi said that considering the rebels failure to fulfill the conditions of the cease-fire, the Syrian government forces see the truce as a meaningless agreement.

The Syrian opposition reported Monday 254 violations by government troops and their allies since the truce started. Rudskoi stated the rebels violated the truce 302 times since its creation on September 12. He also accused the opposition forces of killing 63 civilians and 153 Syrian soldiers.

Both Washington and the Kremlin have shown intentions of wanting to prolong the truce, despite the constant violations. But the Syrian government does not believe the agreement will be respected.

U.S. air strike hit Syrian troops instead of a terrorist target. Assad accused the United States of supporting IS

Denmark, the U.K. an Australia are involved in a U.S.-led air raid that killed dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday at Deir-el-Zour, while the brokered truce was still undergoing. The United States admitted having unintentionally struck Syrian troops when they were trying to target the Islamic State group.

The Danish military said it is regrettable the failed attack that killed government forces and not IS militants. The Danish military stated that they will fully cooperate with the coalition investigation. Australian and British troops were also involved in the failed attack. 

Russian’s military reported that the Syrian army claims that at least 62 of their soldiers were killed in the Deir-el Zour air raid and more than 100 soldiers were wounded. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave a different death toll and said 90 troops were killed during the U.S.-led strike.

The mistaken attack weakened, even more, the fragile truce. Syrian state TV quoted President Bashar Assad saying the U.S.-led attack on Saturday was meant to support the Islamic State. Assad tagged the attack as “blatant American aggression.”

Source: U.S. News