Pokémon GO is finally available for the Apple Watch to let users experience the app from their wrist. Playing Pokémon Go from Apple’s smartwatch lets people explore the augmented reality world created by Niantic.

Although the news has been long awaited, the release of the game for the smartwatch is not entirely exciting since people cannot catch Pokémon from the Apple Watch. The good news is that Trainers can search for wild Pokémon with the device and also hatch Pokémon initially discovered in the “Pokémon Gold” and “Pokémon Silver” video games.

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch was planned to be launched in 2016. Image Credit: Game Spot

The game became available for the smartwatch just before Christmas. This version is entirely suited to Pokémon GO and the Apple Watch users, combining gameplay, imagination, and exercising. Every time a Trainer plays Pokémon GO from their Apple Watch, the device will consider that time as a Workout and gameplay as a personal Activity ring.

Catch ‘em all using your Apple Watch and iPhone

Pokémon GO for Apple Watch users lets them discover nearby Pokémon and collect items from the PokéStops, but the smartwatch cannot catch the virtual animal. Instead, Trainers have to use their iPhones to complete their adventure and catch the Pokémon.

Pokémon GO for Apple Watch also lets users count distances toward hatching Pokémon Eggs and receiving Candy with Buddy Pokémon. Trainers will be noticed when Eggs hatch.

Apart from receiving notifications about nearby Pokémon, the app for the Apple Watch will also let you know if there are PokéStops nearby. Although it is freezing in the Northern Hemisphere, winter walks are perfect for hunting Pokémon. The weather will be more Pokémon GO friendly during summer.

The Apple Watch and Pokémon GO will help you with your New Year’s fitness resolution

Every time users want to play Pokémon GO from Apple’s smartwatch and record how much exercise they are doing they will have to log their play session as a Workout. Once logged, steps towards Pokémons will also be steps towards a healthier life.

Exploring the real world through augmented reality was never so comfortable and easy. Pokémon Go for Apple Watch will help Trainers around the world to better experience the app and catch them all.

Apple Watch users will be downloading Pokémon GO latest version 0.51.0 which fixed a bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications and the day and night modes. The new version offers an improved reflection of the Trainers current time of day. It also fixed minor text errors.

Pokémon GO facts

The popular app Pokémon GO was launched for Android and IOS users on July 6, 2016, by Niantic, after the company released another AR game called Ingress.

After five days of launch, Nintendo’s market increased with $9 billion. It also helped Nintendo’s value reach $39.8, beating Sony’s, valued at 38.34 billion.

The game is available in almost all continents, except for Africa. Pokémon GO is used for an average of 43 minutes and 23 seconds every day compared to other apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Tinder which are less used.

The app is the most downloaded game on App Store and Google Play on the day of its release, beating the other popular game Clash Royale. Pokémon GO even exceeded Candy Crush’s popularity and became the most active game in the  United States.

Source: Tech Crunch