On Wednesday, the car making company giant Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE: TM) unveiled its new Prius Prime at the New York International Auto Show hosted at the big apple. Although the announcement made earlier today was set to release three new car models from Toyota, the hybrid car was the center of attention. Toyota is set to satisfy its clients’ demands for a hybrid car model after almost two years from the release of the vehicle’s previous model.

The automaker company giant has proven to distinguish itself from its competition as it just released three different car models on a single platform showcased on Wednesday in New York.

Toyota introduced the new Prius Prime at the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan, New York City. Credit: Reuters

The new hybrid model released by Toyota was accompanied by an updated version of the Highlander SUV model and the brand new Toyota 86 sports model.

The Japanese company’s goal with this release is to remind its clients of the versatility Toyota has to provide customers with a full-on experience when it comes to driving. By focusing on cars capable of combining both electric power sources and gasoline-powered engines, Toyota Motor Corporation faces a great challenge to defeat by their competitors.

Adaptability is key in the U.S. marketplace nowadays, and Toyota has adapted to offer electric vehicles in the middle of low gasoline prices nationwide. Even though people could prefer an electric-only vehicle, the improved hybrid car unveiled at the New York International Auto Show by Toyota has doubled the car’s battery power capacity compared to the previous model, said Toyota in a press release.

Customers can choose from using the gasoline-powered engine to using the car’s electric mode. The Japanese automaker company giant claims that the new Prius Prime can withstand an estimated 120 miles per gallon counterpart. And because it counts with an improved hybrid system, it allows drivers of the Prius Prime model to save a few bucks on fueling the car.

As the demand for zero emission vehicles grows among Americans due to climate concerns, there’s no doubt Toyota will be one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of hybrid cars in the United States. According to the company’s data, Toyota sold over 184,000 Prius hybrid vehicles last year in the U.S. alone.

Source: Reuters