Pearls are among the 80s and 90s fashion trends that are coming back and updating today’s fashion trends. It is no surprise that we’ve noted top celebrities showing up with pearl jewelry. History has shown us that jewelry does not belong to any gender and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Top Male Celebrities Are Wearing Pearls, You Should Include Them In Your Wardrobe

Men are rebelling against gender stereotypes by experimenting with different looks and expressing themselves through fashion and jewelry. Pearls for men have been on the increase of late and may be here to stay. Below are top male celebrities who have been spotted in pearl accessories.

Male Celebrities Who Wear Pearl Accessories.

Many actors, rappers, and singers have been spotted with pearl necklaces during events. Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and ASAP Rocky have frequently been seen with pearl looks. There is nothing like a ladylike accessory anymore, these celebrities have proved that freshwater pearls can be manly too.

  1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a former band member of One Direction who wore a pearl necklace for his album press tour. He wore one pearl earring during the 2019 Met Gala. Harry is known for his great sense of fashion which challenges gender stereotypes and inspires his fans. He is an excellent example of how amazing pearls can look on men.

  1. Jonas Brothers

Nick and Joe Jonas wore a small pearl necklace at the 2020 Grammys. During the event, the Jonas Brothers proved that pearl necklaces spice up not only monochromatic fashion but also patterns.

  1. Billy Porter

Porter is well known for doing red carpets. In a promotional event for his film, he wore a pearl necklace that styles a button-up shirt. This is a reminder that it’s not a tie only that fits around your neck to style a button-up shirt.

  1. A$AP Rocky

Many rap artists like Rocky are known to choose chain necklaces. However, during the Gucci fashion week, Rocky showed up in a pearl necklace. The combination of pearl necklaces and pearl rings was a masterpiece!

  1. Shawn Mendes

Shawn was spotted wearing a Louis Vuitton three-piece suit with a pearl waistcoat chain. It shows that pearl accessories do not choose any outfit. Luxury to official wear will do well with a pearl piece.

Make a Pearl Jewelry Your Next Best Accessory.

When we now think of pearl jewelry, we no longer associate it with our grandmothers but with most Hollywood film stars. It is interesting how the comeback of pearls is more by the male, giving life to what was known to be old fashion.

There are various ways you can style a pearl necklace. From the listed celebrities above, it is evident that pearls will go well with almost all outfits. Harry Styles has rocked it in different outfits including the 2020 Brit Awards where he wore a pearl necklace tucked under his lace collar.

The Pearl necklace appears great when a part of it peeks out under the collar. You can layer it with other necklaces which will elevate your look. Ensure the pieces do not clash by using similar colors to what ASAP Rocky does. Another alternative is going casual with a pearl accessory. Pearl accessories are associated with fancy events, pairing it with a casual outfit would give an interesting dimension to you.

Men wearing pearls have also attracted some haters who argue that the trend has faded out. For a long time, it belonged to women, from the top women celebrities to your mother, they are likely to have had a pair. Pearls are such classy accessories that have gone beyond style, age, and now gender.

Final Thoughts

Pearl jewelry is a timeless fashion and gives a classic style that compliments elegance. Men wearing pearl jewelry is not a bad idea. It proves how the jewelry world had opened up and changed the mentality of those who are stuck on gender stereotypes. Men buying jewelry has been a thing of today and to be specific, men’s pearls will give you a classy look.